That's it tickets booked!! Manchester and London! Can't wait! Bring it on!

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Yep! Tickets booked for Cardiff! Did consider the RAH, great venue for MB. Have seen him twice there before though. This will be my 14th MB Gig since 1991's Time, Love & Tenderness World Tour! 

Excited about this one, has a different, concept feel to it. 

Yeh Have been going that long too, and been to many venues, would love a European visit! Can't wait! jUst wish I could fit in more!!

Hi again James, you're very fortunate to have been able to attend Michael concerts since 1991. I wasn't able before '98 for various reasons I won't go into. It'll be interesting to see how many songs from the new album Michael will include and which songs will go on the wayside. Well I do hope you'll report back here on the tour thread after the show. You lucky ducks in the U.K. will be the first to hear the new songs live. Take good care James and thanks for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Yeah indeed Sylvie and hadn't thought of that one .... doubly exciting !!! :)

Well done James and glad you got your tix and you too Julie, super !!! :)  I got exactly what I wanted and will be seeing him 7 times this time around and turning it into a nice little touring holiday as in 2014.....can't wait and hope weather co-operates !!!! lol

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Wow Sylvia! Good on you. Is Manchester or RAH on your list? If so wi look for you! Xx

Oh wow Joo that is fantastic for your first concert and you will love meeting him for he is just a complete down to earth guy and when he says "Hi" to you it's like meeting an old friend.....well, not quite, but you what I mean !!! LOL  You are not stammering and stuttering and shaking all over the place when you meet an old friend but try and relax and enjoy it.....big deep breaths before you meet him !!! LOL  So pleased for you Joo !!! :)

One of my concerts is RAH Julie so who knows we might just see each other.  I had to do it for have never been to RAH and have so wanted to go to something there not just an MB concert.....getting two wishes coming true at same time, lovely !!! :)  

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Welcome Joo. You will have a wonderful time and enjoy meeting MB. He's very easy to talk to. I've been to many shows over the last 21 years and a fan for 3 years before that. MB can sing any style of music like no other and make it his own. His voice on the radio back in 1991 first caught my attention. And I still love traveling to see him sing here in the USA.  

MB's concert voice is better than ever, I've been seeing him since 1994 in concert. He takes great care of himself and his voice which is so lucky for us fans.  He can still sing with amazing power and range and perfect pitch. No one like him I have always said.

He can still rock out with the best of em too on guitar! I love that rocker side of MB that comes through at times in the shows!!MB will give an amazing concert, you will love it!!

Have a great time

Robin in MD USA :)

Yes I know we've suggested to him to do a rock CD but not done one yet!LOL

How Can We Be Lovers is my all time fav concert song!! LOVE IT!!!

Enjoy the show, you are in for a fantastic time!!! MB never disappoints!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

Hi Joo, congratulations on scoring that package at your first concert! Now, may I ask how you’ve come to know of Michael? Just curious. The song that’s the most rock that Michael sings from the 80’s is “How can we be lovers” nowadays. Michael’s voice is still beautiful and strong because he takes very good care of his voice and himself. A friend of mine who’s in her 20’s went to see him for the first time back in March and she said the concert was everything she wanted it to be. You do have to take under consideration that most of his videos were filmed over 20 years ago and to keep sounding great, Michael doesn’t sing songs like “Everybody’s crazy” any more. Being at a Michael  concert is just magical Joo... Michael does take breaks during the show to change. I don’t want to tell you too much about the show Joo, so you can experience it for yourself without expectations. Michael hates disappointing his fans, which is why he doesn’t like canceling shows and often times, it’s difficult to reschedule: trust me, I know. By the way, you picked the perfect venue, because it’s Michael’s favorite in the whole world.  :D  I hope this helps. Take care Joo and feel free to ask more questions. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Joo, thanks for your response and telling me how you’ve discovered Michael. Oh yes, I agree Michael’s version of “Go the distance” sounds better though the comparison is like apples and oranges. A lot of younger fans were introduced to Michael through “Hercules”. I’m really glad to hear that someone from your generation is buying actual CD’s. You know sweetie, if you read the comments on Michael’s videos on YouTube, you can plainly see that a good percentage of young viewers enjoy his music, which they label as “real music”. Joo, if you enjoy rock oldies, you should also check out Blackjack, which was a group headed by Michael in 1979-1980: they have some great tunes! If you search through the “Videos” section of this site, you should find the “Blackjack promotional video”. If you’d like to find more, try typing “Blackjack Michael Bolton” on YouTube. Michael even recorded in the 70’s under the name Michael Bolotin and there are videos on YouTube also, though they’re slide shows with audio. Yes my friend Kristel is a fan registered on this site and all I know is that she’s in her early 20’s. There are probably quite a few fans in their 20’s on here, including my daughter... :D You know Joo, you’re not the only one who’d love to hear Michael singing his 80’s stuff, though it’s easier with ballads. Do you know the song “When I’m back on my feet again”? It’s an epic song, but Michael was able to sing a more subdued rendition with only piano accompaniment in a live performance. That’s interesting about Bruce Dickinson, my family was discussing Iron Maiden just yesterday since they’re coming here. You’re right about Michael: everyone who’s ever met him says he’s a sweetheart who puts you right at ease. Joo, did you know there was a “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” DVD? It’s from 2009, not to be confused with the 2004 “Best of Michael Bolton live”DVD. Well anyway, no problem being curious Joo: bring it on! Take care sweetie and nice sharing with you. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Joo,

You will really enjoy the RAH experience. I have been MB fan for a long time, first concert early 90,s with good friend who has since passed, we lived MB and our daughters, now 30, have been brought up on his songs! The song that got me hooked was How Can we Be lovers, but any song for me, is about the words, and All Michaels songs, have a meaning for me, and my life. I have to say, after almost 25 years,,the last tour Michael sounded better than ever!!! Ok, maybe didn't sing as many, had breaks, but we have to remember he is 62, and to perform at that level , every other night, is WOW! Just hope he keeps WAMLAW in there, an experience for audience if you haven't been!!! And for those complaining about standing, tough!! Worst venue for moaning I have to say, is Liverpool Phill, Michael asks for noise, participation and take as many photos!!! Hope you enjoy, sure you will, I will, Manchester and RAH, both diferent venues, but remember able! Xx

LOVED catching up with all the "music gossip"....great !!! :)  You took me back Joo, days of Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden and unfortunately I don't listen to them way I used to and one group you forgot who I always thought were fantastic and still do are Whitesnake.  Happy listening to all the MUSIC folks !!! :)  I'm away to catch up on Bolton and see what he is up to today !!! LOL  Remember the Lottery tonight your tickets !!! LOL

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend.



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