That's it tickets booked!! Manchester and London! Can't wait! Bring it on!

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Hi again Joo and thanks for your lovely comments !!! :)  I've been a fan since about 1989 because it was The Hunger that got me hooked and it was just before Soul Provider came out that I found that album, looked at the pictures on the cover and thought, who the hell is that, WOW....double take, quadruple take, more like !!! lol   Surprise, surprise though 2014 was my first ever concert when he arrived in Cardiff.  Other tours he did had planned to go to shows but, unfortunately, the "bad" of life took over and in latter years the "couch potato" nearly took over too until I gave myself a good kick and reminded myself, you only life once, so get out there and do it !!! LOL  I went to six shows in 2014 and LOVED every single one and for me all the criticism about the other girls (for those shows it was Kelly Levesque and Amanda Brown) on stage too long wasn't justified for they were fantastic and I for sure wasn't disappointed in amount of time Michael was on stage.  You've got to put it in perspective for I remember back early 90's going to a Springsteen show when he was on for over 4 hours you still wanted it to go on because 6, 7 hours wouldn't have been long enough because you LOVED it and now I believe Springsteen does about 2 1/2 to 3 hour set because the guy is 67 and you've got to remember Michael is 62 he will be 63 next April....if you LOVE him you have got to give him some leeway, or, you are just opinion, but I'm sticking to it !!! lol.

You'll have a fantastic time at RAH because atmosphere alone, at a Bolton concert where you have true fans, is electric.  2014 took me back in time to 60's and going to the old "merseybeat" concerts when atmosphere was phenomenal and you'll find RAH is same.   I'll meet you there Joo because I'm going for, decided had to do once, before too late .... you're not, but a lot of us are "on the back nine" so got to make the most of it !!! LOL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Yes I've met Michael over the years at various charity events, and some backstage and at stage doors and other events he's had like in-store record signings and things like that.  Also been to golf events and years ago softball games when he still played charity games and got to chat with him. He's very easy to talk to.  

Each backstage is a bit different depending on how it's set up.  

Enjoy your show!!

Robin in MD :)

Hi Joo, I just wanted to clear up the “back 9” expression for you: it’s a golf metaphor. A game of golf has 18 holes: the “back 9” are the last holes you play, which Michael uses as a metaphor for life. Sweetie, if there’s one thing Michael loves is a lively and energetic audience and he lets us know at the beginning of every show... :Dsylvia could tell you about her M&G’s, though from what we’ve heard last year, people stand in line and you only have a few seconds with him, especially in a venue like the RAH. So like our friend Kathy from California says: always come prepared! You might want to check out the 2014 tour review thread, which has some details on the subject. Take good care Joo. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D  

By the way, apparently MB on the lotto show Tom night!,

Hi Joo, wow, you seem as chatty as I am! lol To answer your question, I discovered Michael on the radio, on the “American Top 40” show when I first heard “When I’m back on my feet again”. His voice seemed to reach out of the radio and he sang those lyrics with his entire soul. I wanted that song (from “Soul provider”) but my husband bought me the wrong tape, so I learned to discover his voice and how he connected so deeply with what he was singing: I just fell in love! :D Michael took a big leap of faith with the “Jack Sparrow” video and it paid off big time. Joo, you and I could talk about music for months I think... :D I get my music from all over, but I’m a big YouTube enthusiast and I borrow a lot from my library. You sound just like my youngest son, when it comes to learning about music. We will need to talk about more music in private messages, otherwise we’ll bore the socks off the fans on here... XD I have a list of favorites 10 miles long, although Michael will always be number 1. On the longevity of today’s artists, I agree with something Michael said: because music today is so easily accessible and a high percentage of music is sold 1 mp3 at a time, artists don’t sell as many albums, so it’s harder to build a following. I can’t say that I know many artists I think will be around in 20 years. Personally though, I can’t stop learning about new music and artists, much of that is thanks to Michael, although music to me is like oxygen. :D If you read Michael’s autobiography, you’d find out he changed his name because it was easier to pronounce and spell for most people: it’s a Russian name. My daughter is 23 and a member here. I enjoy most genres of music, but don’t buy heavy metal music. Michael didn’t do duets on the RAH DVD. I understand people have different tastes, but I do hope you enjoy how varied Michael builds his concerts. I just love his voice singing anything. Well Joo, I’m the wrong person to ask for pictures because I’m blind and use a screen-reader computer program that speaks. OK Joo, I’ve gone on long enough, but if you want to talk about music, PM me! Take good care sweetie and it was great sharing with you. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Sylvia and Joo

Brighton for me this time around. Had to get hubby to get me booked yesterday afternoon, as I was at an event for work all day. So, Sylvia, we'll have to postpone that drink together for a bit longer.

Joo, you are going in hook, line and sinker, for your first concert. Making friends here in advance will enhance the experience further. April is a long way away, but you're obviously beside yourself with excitement already. You're going to have an amazing experience.

Margaret in Kent.


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