Michael will start a promo tour in the UK next week to promote the launch of his album The Very Best of/Gems album to be released in the UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gems-The-Very-Best-Of/dp/B00736E7GW/ref=sr_...


BBC breakfast chat 3/12
The Wright Stuff chat 3/14
This Morning chat & performance 3/15
QVC chat & performance 3/16
Loose Women chat & performance 3/19
Also an appearance in Italy
I think it actually airs 3-23
RAI primetime TV show called LYRICS BOARD

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hey sylvia,

the QVC link is on MB's twitter

i'm really bad in finding the links, im much better in forcing them to work properly.

i found the link to 'This Morning'. - http://www.itv.com/thismorning/showbiz/the-very-best-of-michael-bol... but it's not working outside uk

for now i can't generate a proper link. the one i have has a problem with the java script.

but i'm working on it..

not sure if ill have time for this today.. i'm quite busy at work.. and it's friday, so..

but i'll find the way to make it works for sure..

Is that link still not working outside the UK......and I thought as it was a direct link into the segment with Michael and as I got it through his tweet that it would work okay especially when the QVC one was working  .....och well .....maybe I will play around with the other link you have given on changing things and see what I can come up with and hopefully between us ALL we should get everyone around the world watching Michael on "This Morning" !! lol

Thanks for all your information Natalia and I hope you are enjoying seeing Michael in the UK and hopefully he may come to Poland soon and then you can send us all your clips - okay ????? LOL


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Wee weporter!!! Enjoy reading the play by plays :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

hey, sometime ago you asked me how i made the TWS's link work. it was quite easy. the reason it wasn't working for you was an internet protocol address. i'm not an IT specialist. all i know it that through your IP address website knew what's your location and that you're not in UK. (the video was restricted for uk only) so you couldn't watch it.

so i generated the link which gave you British IP for the time you're watching this video.it can be done via this page - http://anonymizer.nntime.com/  (pick - state: E6 Gloucester)

it works great for all youtube's clips, but not always with other websites.

Hi Natalia, I hope this is not a repeat. I thought I just responded to this message but can't find my comment. Anyway, I'm the one who asked how you made the TWS link available. I will pass on the info to my techy son and want to thank you very much for the info, this will be very practical in the future! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada



You lost me with the first part, I'll have to read everything properly to catch up, sorry about.


I've just watched QVC .... going, going .... GONE!    Whilst Michael's sat there the woman had to keep interrupting to say things like 'only have X amount left', and then they were all gone!! BRILLIANT!!!!!     I can't remember offhand Michael's comment but it was a good one ;)     Anyway someone negotiated' and I think she mentioned another 2000 could be ordered, which all went too!     It was quick, but being a shopping channel it would be, especially when you think what the product is ;)

One thing Sylvia, there's no way anyone in the UK is going to  receive it before Mother's Day, as she explained, because our's is this Sunday coming.    But that doesn't seem to have stopped people one little bit.     She really did a good job selling the GEMS album, and having Michael sitting there listening too .... I think he was pleased! ;)   

It was lovely to hear him sing Fields of Gold, with some pics of Eva Cassidy; he sang WAMLAW at the end and like yesterday, looked very nice indeed :)   

I'm not sure whether you can watch this online after the programme.    On the website it just has 'view online' but nothing about previous episodes ... bear in mind it is a shopping channel.   As always, I'm hoping someone will take the time to load it onto Youtube and/or post a link for everyone.    I'm just glad they didn't try putting a price on Michael! ;)


hugs to all, di xxx

http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=312654#.T2NIbpnD824.twitter via @itvplayer

Hi Folks,

Don't know if above link will work at all for any of you....but I hope it does !!!! LOL    This is one I have found to "The Morning"  show from yesterday but I wonder if it will work because it is through the ITV player......everything crossed !!!!! LOL    Remember it is at least half way through the show before Michael comes on and then there is another segment before he comes back on and sings for he basically closes the show with the song !!

Received my copy of "Gems - The Very Best of" this morning and am playing "The Very Best Of" right now... fabulous !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend & wee weporter    !!!!!!  LOL   I am still laughing at that one Kathy !!!!! LOL


Sorry I cannot get it here in the USA. Says to be viewed in UK only so BB's that missed it in the UK hopefully you can play it.

Robin in MD :)

Thanks Robin as that was what I wondered when it was through their iPlayer......I will keep looking and trying......pouring of rain here so staying in today and need a break from reading book and stuffing my face so might as well spend it on the computer whilst listening to MB, at the same time, of course  !!!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks for trying. I appreciate seeing all the interviews he's doing over there.

Robin in MD USA :)

I do hope this message falls in the right place and comes directly after my post containing the link to the whole of the "This Morning" show for I must point out that Michael's interview starts at 54.7 minutes into......not too sure if you can find the time on the bar contained in the video but as Jennifer was kind enough to come in and give the exact time thought it only courteous to add on here and even time does not come up it gives a better indication of where to locate !! :)  


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend & wee weporter


Diane there is a youtube section where QVC download their own videos and that is what I am keeping looking out for and checking if they have put anything new in from today but so far it is only showing up their guest from yesterday......needless to say I will keep checking !!!! LOL

Also checking too for totally selfish reasons because I had to watch on my laptop as channel not available here so I want to capture and keep for myself......I will admit part of it I missed because my laptop decided to hang up.....was a laptop ever nearly out the window ....LOL but that girl was good at selling it and Michael did look pleased especially when she did start to go through all the song titles as well.....I got the slight hint that she may have been a fan herself !!!!!! LOL.   On the sales she was funny but I suppose it is her job to keep updating the customers too and letting them know that they will get their copies but it certainly seemed to be selling well !!!!! lol.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



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