Michael will start a promo tour in the UK next week to promote the launch of his album The Very Best of/Gems album to be released in the UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gems-The-Very-Best-Of/dp/B00736E7GW/ref=sr_...


BBC breakfast chat 3/12
The Wright Stuff chat 3/14
This Morning chat & performance 3/15
QVC chat & performance 3/16
Loose Women chat & performance 3/19
Also an appearance in Italy
I think it actually airs 3-23
RAI primetime TV show called LYRICS BOARD

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No problem Sylvia, you know if you need help, I'm here. Supplying links is easy too. Take care sweetie and have a great Sunday. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Going to start showing off here....be warned !!!! LOL.       Diane are you trying to access videos through link I have placed on this thread ????   I would assume answer is no because you get what I do and that is warning about Channel 5 content....right so far and it doesn't begin with a "w" either !!! LOL.  Must warn everyone that I've had visitors ...few beers this afternoon and a little glass of wine or two with meal....visitors just gone and another beer pulled as I am celebrating because my Chinese curry was finished to the last grain of rice and earned an OMG that was good and last time I heard that was Christmas dinner....... to continue after my digression so, you have then headed over to my channel, which is on http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBZfOjhM77IPrL17EJL5IrQ?feature=mhee ......told you I was going to show off ........ and you then can view the content which is Parts !, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 of the Wright Stuff and you can see the pictures of either Michael, Anne Diamond or Matthew Wright which have been set as the thumbnails for the videos and if you click on one of those pictures you are saying you get the same Channel 5 warning coming up ??? ......I can view the videos that way and that was how I thought those in the UK could also view but apparently not.....so maybe I can only see because I am the uploader.....please let me know Diane if I am right so far in what I am saying because if I am there is another option I have and that is to upload those videos again but as "unlisted" on my "doughty65" channel and hold the link but, in saying that, can I ask you to check on the links I have already placed on here and confirm that you can watch Part 4 through the link because that is the one I have uploaded differently and on a different channel but I need to know before I do the others or else it is a waste of time .......but of course if you can view and I upload others that way then know everyone in the UK as well can view the whole show and....as it was a darn good show...why not !!! LOL    Can you please check on Part 4 link on here Diane ??? thanks !! :)

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.




To your first question ... yes, I see the pics as you described, but if I click on the videos I get the Channel 5 copyright.

To the second part, where you ask me to check on the links posted on here ... I clicked on each and every one of them and got the same Channel 5 message.   One of them was on doughty65 so I'm assuming that was the 4th link you loaded differently.

Have you tried asking someone else in the UK to click on them using Google Chrome?   Perhaps someone from the UK on Facebook??

I don't have that browser but that may be the only way to view them in the UK.   Just a thought.

hugs, di xxx 

Thanks Diane for doing that and obviously just not available in the UK for you should have been able to have accessed the 4th part....don't need Google Chrome for that and that was why I thought if I uploaded the others the way I had done that, may have got round it, but obviously not but at least all those outwith UK can watch !! :)   Thanks again Diane !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



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