Anyone know when and where this will be released for purchase?  Much appreciated Alison 

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Hi Alison and we got word, through Gail, just before Michael's appearances in UK and then Michael confirmed it in his interviews that UK version will be released on 3rd February and he tweeted the other day that he is coming back over to the UK for the release and he will be singing with Leona Lewis so must be going to do some TV shows then......keep following on here to find out news !!!! :)

If you are wondering about other versions it has already been released in the States and Australia and you can purchase through various outlets but would imagine it will soon, if not already, be on presale through Amazon.

Hope that information helps Alison ??? :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia.  Thanks so much - oh wow - something to look forward to in February before seeing Michael live!  Yay!  That was the bit that confused me is that it is only the US version that is available thru Amazon.co.uk?  Are there any other outlets you know of where we can get other versions??  Thanks Hun x

Hi Alison and not too sure about other outlets but I can tell you one place for sure where there are plenty and that is on eBay and the prices range but what they have on there are quite a few that were distributed by Walmart in the States and that one came with, I believe I am right in saying, a further CD of greatest hits and know too that that extra CD came with the one from the launch show in Vegas.   They do appear to be the different ones that were released in the States although some maybe from Australia with Delta Goodrem singing title track with MB but not aware of having seen any of those yet but certainly one place you can look.    I will have a little check back on pages here because there is an outlet for the Australian one mentioned somewhere but will have to look for, so please give me some time, or maybe someone else can remember it off hand ????   I will have a look for though and come back on....okay ??? :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I got my copy of Ain't No Mountain High Enough with Delta Goodrem from Australia from CDWOW. But by now there probably are other places to get it..Hope this helps.


Robin in MD:)

Believe that is the place I was thinking of Robin that is mentioned on here for the Australian one for I think that is where Dianna said she gets her CD's from.   Thanks for information, save me looking and as computer is playing up tonight be glad to get off of it....going slow and then jumping about as though got a wee mind of its own....LOL


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


You are welcome. I now get email advertisements from them periodically so that's how I remember it! LOL  I think you are right that she said that's where she gets her CD's.  Oh the computer gremlins as we say here, no fun..Maybe time to clear the temp files and do a scan or something, or just plain old reboot and it's back to acting like it should..They are tempermental machines at times!!LOL

Robin in MD:)

Hi Alison, to try andclarify the available versions of the “Ain’t no mountain high enough” CD, they go as follows:


  1. Regular 10 track U.S. version with Kelly Rowland duetting on the title song



2. Deluxe edition: “This special edition includes 5 bonus tracks: "Somethin' Out of Nothin'", "The Very Thought of You", "You Don't Know Me", "A Kiss to Build A Dream On" and "If I Could".” Technically, this was sold as a Wall-Mart exclusive and the only new track is “Somethin’ out of nothin’”, because the 4 other ones are from “Vintage”.



3. The South Korean/Australian version: has Delta Goodrem duetting on the title song, has “Somethin’ out of nothin’” and “Money” with Orianthi:



4.  2 CD version, HSN exclusive, first CD was the regular 10 track U.S. CD, plus a CD of 7 or 8 live songs, that were previously included on the 2005 CD “Til the end of forever”. I checked, but it’s not on the HSN site any more. It was offered through HSN, when they had the pre-release concert on February 8th. So this means that technically, the U.K. version (with Leona Lewis duetting on the title song) will be the 5th, you gotta love Sony! :D I hope this helps Alison, take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QC Canada

OMG Sylvie thank you so very much for that complete run down if ANMHE and am definitely going to copy and paste that so that if anyone else asks ....I'll appear the "Brains of Britain" courtesy of Sylvie.....LOL

Thanks so very much Sylvie !!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Oh wow!  Thank you so much Sylvia, Sylvie & Robin!  Off to check out the links!  

Hi ladies, my pleasure! :D Sylvia, I'd been keeping track of everything on my "Our Michael's Motown album" blog. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QC Canada :D

Seems like the new album in Feb 2013 is exactly the same as the US version, i found it on Amazon UK

What a disappointment

I can't see it on Amazon Daniel.   All I still see is the American one.   If you are looking at one that says release date Feb. 2013 that is the original one for the release date for UK is 3rd Feb. 2014 and it does have Leona Lewis singing title song but of course other tracks may not be different but as I say I can't see it yet !!!


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.



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