I am uploading me singing the song Go The Distance! it is just a practice recording, but i will be singing it at my schools talent show as the opening act! so excited, and cant wait to upload that too!


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Can you tell us where you have uploaded it to Joshua for there is nothing on this thread ???  Have you put it in videos.....I will go and check there or is it on youtube ????

Hope you have a great day today and just think Mr. Bolton might be singing it himself today as he has a concert in New York early this morning....you never know !!! lol.

Have FUN Joshua !! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


P.S. Have checked Video Section and you haven't put on there and checked your other thread in Off Topic and it isn't there so where are you hiding it Joshua ??????????  lol

Look Up Josh alderfer go the distance on youtube, I couldnt find out how To get it on the site

This is your link over Joshua so that everyone can hear it and I think it is absolutely wonderful and thank you so much for sharing it with us and I hope you get the real think recorded too and share that.    You really can sing and boy those sweets notes of Mr. Bolton's you certainly got them held and I can see another duet partner in the making if not already there.....well done Joshua !! :)



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Joshua, sweetie, if you sing with your heart tonight, you'll knock them dead! I enjoyed your video and passed it on to a friend. I don't know if you've ever watched "American Idol", but the advice that gets repeated more often is just that: you can definitely sing with your voice, you just need to sing with your heart. Good job sweetie: go get 'em! I'll look forward to your performance video, break a leg! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thank you so much for sharing your gifted voice with us Joshua. I agree with Sylvia and Sylvie, they pretty much said it all. Thanks again and best of luck to you!!

Kathy Tulsa :-)

I am uploading the video of me singing it at the talent show. Same name as the last one.

Good Joshua, looking very forward to it!!

Kathy Tulsa :-)

Can't see it yet Joshua but will look again in a little while for maybe it is still uploading....know sometimes they seem to take forever !!! :)

You haven't said how you got on,  if you came 1st, 2nd or 3rd or........!! :)   Hope you had a great time taking part and hope too everyone else taking part enjoyed themselves as well !!


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Well, we don't get any awards or anything, its all for fun.

Hi Joshua and I have checked again and you only have two videos uploaded to your channel, the one from 2 years ago when you did Mickey and Sylvia and the one from your rehearsal !! :(

I get it Joshua, it was a Talent Show not a competition and that was how it was pretty awesome getting picked to sing first.....with you now !!! :)  It's because I am getting old Josh I'm slow on the up-take !!! lol.

How is your Gran doing and I bet she was proud of you ....hope she managed to get to the show and hear you !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I will try to reupload it.. my grandma is great, unfortunately she lives in pennsylvania, and I live in texas, so she didn't make it to the show

Ok im uploading it again, it should work this time.


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