USA Release Today-How many in the US found the CD in stores???

Hi Everyone. Happy USA Release Day.  I went to my local Target store and found MB's new CD, I got 1 of the 2 copies they had in to put on the shelf.  Both were still the cart the guys were putting on shelves. How sad only 2 copies...


I LOVE BOTH new songs, My Lady has a fun hook you can dance too and What You're Doing To Me is a beautiful ballad. OMG I cannot yet pic a favorite!! 

How many Bolton Buddies that headed to their local stores were able to find Michael's CD today?

Good luck!!!




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Hi Robin

could give us please the songwriting and production credits of the two new songs ?
Thanks a lot !
Hi Matthieu, Such tiny writing but here ya go!!LOL

What Your'd Doing To Me,
Written by S. McMorran and H. Sommerdahl
Published by Take Your Things and Steve/Art In The Fodder (BMI); administered by Bug Music, Inc., and Universal Music Publishing AB (ISTIM /ASCAP).

My Lady
Written by N. Atweh, A. Messinger, M. Bolton
Published by Sony ATV Publishing, Tre Ball Music (BMI), Messy Music (SOCAN)/Mr. Bolton's Music, Inc. (BMI), administered by EMI Blackwood Music, Inc.

Hope this helps!

Same for me Robin...2 copies at the local Target store but bunches at Barnes and Noble and our FYE store. I asked why and they said the online ordering and itunes is lowering the amount of all CDs they order for instore..I can understand that.

I love My Lady...I think that and Murder My Heart and Hope It's Too Late are my favorites of the 2 releases!!!
Glad you found yours. I didn't think to go to my FYE or Barnes and Noble, I have to go to the mall later to get a gift maybe I'll stick my head in there and see. They were not open yet when I was out earlier this a.m.

I love My Lady and Murder My Heart, Sign Your Name, Hope It's Too Late, Invisible Tattoo. My list could change as What You've Done To Me is up there too.. He's really done a wonderful job between the two releases! All these new songs!!!

To all of those who like looking and reading the liner notes...nothing has changed except the two new songs are in and the two Uk releases are out. The wording on the thank you has changed just a tad because his management changed between the releases.
Oh thanks Gail, forgot to look and compare that part!!!
I got the only two copies at my local Target store. So very happy to finally have this wonderful CD of Michael's.
Both the UK and the US version are equally well worth owning, I do hope that all of you here are able to get both copies, as
well. It's over the top with feeling! My Lady is upbeat and danceable, I love it! Michael's voice and clarity of it, singing "What Your
Doing to Me, well this song needs to be done live for sure. I have goose bumps all over, Lady's you know what I mean! Like
where's the Ice? Soo Soo Hot!
Way to go Michael Bolton and the Band and all of the supporters behind this fabulous CD!
Thanks again for making my world, full of love!

His Girlfriend For Life!

Target must have sent 2 copies all over to their stores all across the country!!LOL Glad you found it there too!!
Haven't been to the store yet but downloaded the two new tracks from Amazon in the middle of the night. I guess I'm one of those people that's driving the "only two copies per store" thing lol. My Lady is a winner I think...would be very radio friendly with that upbeat hook. The "other one" (the name of it just does NOT stick with me for some reason lol)...snore? I've listened to it at least a dozen times and I couldn't hum it if my life depended on ear and it don't jive I guess. Need You To Fall and Hope It's Too Late are still the stand outs of this collection for me.

Would be nice to see this land somewhere in the top 50 on the Billboard album charts next Wed night.
Hi Deb, That would be cool if it did make top 50 on the Billboard album chart!!

Well, My 2 copies at my local Target are the only 2 I think in Westminster! Geez, I stopped in to FYE at the mall, the kid looked at me puzzled when I asked after not seeing anything MB in the store.. He checked the computer and said well they didn't send us any for some reason?
So he said check back.. So that stinks! Two copies out of the whole 3 stores that would have it locally here.. I buy alot of stuff online too, but this is sad.

Gonna be tough to crack the charts if there aren't a lot of copies out there to be had!
For real Deb!! :(


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