USA Release Today-How many in the US found the CD in stores???

Hi Everyone. Happy USA Release Day.  I went to my local Target store and found MB's new CD, I got 1 of the 2 copies they had in to put on the shelf.  Both were still the cart the guys were putting on shelves. How sad only 2 copies...


I LOVE BOTH new songs, My Lady has a fun hook you can dance too and What You're Doing To Me is a beautiful ballad. OMG I cannot yet pic a favorite!! 

How many Bolton Buddies that headed to their local stores were able to find Michael's CD today?

Good luck!!!




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Hi MaryLynn. I got my DVD yesterday from Amazon too. I love both new songs on the US Version of this album more I listen to them. My Lady is so upbeat and a great dance tuen and What Your Doing To Me has such beautiful Lyrics..I'm hooked on both songs!!LOL

Glad you got yours!
Hi Robin I agree 100% I love both new song more also, I really love "What Your Doing To Me" I was thinking of waiting to watch the dvd till I get my big screen flat pannel tv for my livingroom, and make it extra special, but that won't be untill July ,and I don't know if I can hold out that long still. ha-ha. What do you think? Did you catch Michael, on ELLEN this morning? He looked so, so gorgous!! Happy listening, and/or watching!! LOL

Bye for now,
I saw the DVR of Ellen just a while ago. No interview time again? That disappointed me but he looked great and sounded wonderful.. I don't get it-why no interviews to promote the CD? I wonder if he will get any talk time on Jimmey Kimmel? I hope so.

I love the DVD, I will use my hubby's surround sound downstairs at some point when it's not annoying to him to do so! He likes MB's music ok but not a whole concert in theatre sound!!LOL



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