Hey Gang,


Well, the many Fanilows (including myself!!!!!)...are counting the days for Barry's four shows, here in New York at Radio City Music Hall!!!!!  It's now getting exciting.....since Barry is starting his "Itchy Feet Tour" the first week of February in Chicago!!!!!!  I am going to the first two of the four shows at Radio City, since the tickets are pretty expensive.  I was planning to see just one show, but then luck hit me and I got second row for Saturday night!!!!!!   I never got second row for anyone....have always sat in the nose bleed section for any artists that I have seen live over the years.  Oh God, the shock I had when I saw second row!!!!!   Well, this is the best Birthday gift I am giving to myself, since these shows are the week before my birthday....so cool!!!!!!   I can't wait to see Barry!!!!!   :)


Helena xx




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Hi Kellie, yikes, Van Halen was my very first rock concert... back in 1981! That was back in the holy leather pants days! lol I had heard that David Lee Roth had been back with the band for a while, is he still there? Hmm, somehow, I wouldn't think of putting Kool & The Gang with Van Halen, but what do I know? Anyway, have a great time there Kellie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Everyone,

Only 2 more days til Van Halen! Only things have changed a little, sadly my Brother can't go with me, so I have asked my friend Michael to go. Now don't get too excited girls!! I't isn't our Michael, I do wish it was though LOL. As for David Lee, yes Silvie he is performing with Eddie and the band again for a while now. Not too sure how long he has been back with the band though. These guys used to practice in my garage-band room studio, before they ever cut their first record. So this is really cool for me to be able to see them again! Thanks to all for your good wishes, it's sure to be a great time. As for my date Michael, well he and I have dated only a few times and he has always been a perfect gentleman. I really haven't made too many friends here in Indy yet, I must get out more...

Take care all,

Love ,


Have a great time Kellie!!!   :)

Helena xx

Hope you have a great time Kellie and that you let us know how the "date" went !!!! lol.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thought I would resurrect this one and try and tempt Helena back in because you have got to come back in here girl and give us a review of that SHOW.....yeah folks.....the one that was cancelled is on for tomorrow and have a guess who is going to it ????????????? LOL.  

Hope you have a fabulous time and that all goes well with everyone you are meeting up with.....certainly sounds like you are going to have a FUN time and I hope the concert is everything and more that you want it to be .....ENJOY and have a BLAST !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, just checking if you've heard from Helena on FB, since she seems to be pretty busy. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Yes Helena had a great time at her Manilow shows Sylvie as did everybody else that was there.......they are still all on cloud 9 .....talking about and sharing all their photos and I believe Helena had a wonderful time meeting up with different ones and especially the girl from the UK who is now back home and waiting for Barry to hit these shores on the next leg of his tour !!! :)   Maybe Helena will come on here yet and give us a "proper" review of those concerts !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.







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