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  Here some links about AT&T Peable Beach, and 3M celebrity challenge,

He did it again.

Enjoy !!!

Take care






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Hi Pilar,


Thanks for the link - what a nice story and a lovely photo of the three of them..........still can't see if Michael playing today or not - will keep checking.   Leaderboard and scoreboard information does not seem to be coming through internet as per normal as a lot of people are putting in comments complaining that they can't follow what is going on.....I should put in a complaint saying :-  "we want to know what Michael Bolton is doing - to pot with all the others !"   hahahahahehehehe.   Thanks again Pilar!


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

I agree
Thanks for sharing the photos and you tube clips.What a lovely setting.

Hi Robin MD, Hi Ruth,


Glad you both liked photos - they were from Pebble Beach's on photographer not, as I said ones we got on Facebook....I've probably broken copyright !!  hahahahahehehehe !!  I'll go back and see if I can pinch anymore !!  lol.

To be serious, yeh Robin it didn't look too promising for today - can't find him on scoreboard for yesterday - will keep looking !!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

It doesn't look like Michael made it into the top 25 celebrities playing today in the finals.  Gail

Hey Gail, Good to hear from you.  No I didn't think he made it either... :(

He had a fun time tho way it sounds!!! Enjoy your vacation!!

Robin :)

Maybe our baby done made some other plans-which we(e) don't know of.Just saw this post and picture,which is very sweet-too sweet for me right now-keeping me worried where he is-right now-I mean-where really is he right now?

Hi Angelica,


Do you not think he will be at home getting ready to celebrity his birthday on Saturday with his family and friends - that is where I would like to think he is - having a few very private moments to himself which are more than well earned and, of course, reading all our birthday cards to him !! :))


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Sylvia,I do not know the private life of Michael Bolton-so cannot even start thinking where he might be and what he might do at any given time night or day other than when he is on stage or  engaged with some other appearance.-if I could I would.Hope you keeping well though. Love from Angelica

Hi Everyone,


As we suspected Michael didn't make the cut for the final on Sunday but even in not making it he still put up a good show for the three rounds he was involved in - and, I hope it is okay, if I say from all of us - WELL DONE MICHAEL !!  



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

What a great picture, thanks for posting it Sylvia!  Even though he didn't make the cut, he's still a winner in my book. 



Hi Diane,


You are more than welcome - the picture is one from Michael's own album contained in the internet and believe it was taken during the second round - also believe he must have just potted a ball with a smile as wide as that or maybe that iguana popped it's head up !!!  LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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