Hi Everyone

I was trying to track down a video of one of Michael's concert that was at the Hollywood Bowl in the 90ies. I was wondering how I'd find it, has anyone got any ideas?

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Hello Wind,
I am presuming that you've looked on youtube? If nit, thats always a great place to start.

Failing that, I will have a look in my two huge boxes of videos and see if there is anything mentioned on one of those about the Hollywood bowl.

I hope somebody else will be able to help you.

Welcome to the forum Wind.

Love Jennifer XX
Thank You kindly Jennifer

I have since found the date ( at least I think it's that one ) June 20, 1994
Reason I want to see it is because I was at that concert and they had a huge super trouper light span out over the audience and it stopped for a long time on me. I was a bit like a dear caught in the headlight and wasn't sure what the heck to do and had no idea why it stopped on me or what they were doing with it.
Anyway thought nothing more of it until last year when I was back home to visit my family. I was chatting with one of my brothers about music and I guess Michael came to mind. My brother said, Oh yeah, I meant to tell you that I saw you in a Michael Bolton video concert on Tv in Germany many years ago when I was there on business!!! I was shocked!!!!! He described it to me and I knew it was that concert! So naturally I'm curious to see it but I'm having a hard job tracking it down as they only show song videos.
So any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
Hi wind,
I was there too!!!
Yes that light did scan the audience and stopped on many fans, I thought that Micheal was looking for someone in the crowd. Personally I don't know where to find it, sorry. That same thing has happened to me, once at Universal Studios in FL and also at the Greek Theater in CA.
I danced for Celine Dion and they veiwed later. Nice expierence...
Hope you find it.

Thank for your reply Kellie.
So u were there tooooo. How interesting!
When you say you danced for Celine were you up on stage? Are you a dancer? I'm not sure what you mean when you said, they viewed later.
I take it you've been to many MB concerts, I'm well over due another night with Michael.

I've look all over the net but couldn't find the video of the concert, so I though one of Michael's fans might be able to help.

Well let's keep our man dancing by voting as I can't believe he has the guts to do it in the first place!
I must say I was surprised David Hasselhoff got booted off on the first night, but he is being a great sport about as I just saw him on Jimmy Kimmel having his & Kin's shoes burned.

All the best.


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