Has anyone received their VIP package tickets yet? Mine arrived today but didn't have any details of what the plan for the evening is scheduled to be. Is the meet and greet before or after the show? Does anyone know? 


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Hi Carol and sorry but don't know of anyone who has received VIP packages yet !! :)   Did you get through Gigs & Tours as they did say when they sent out tickets details would be with them but don't know about other ticket outlets.   Only thing I can advice is that you get in touch with the theatre that you are going to to see MB because they, surely, would have to know what arrangements they have for meet & greets but personally I cannot see it being before show.   Also you would have to be told a time to turn up if it was before show not just that doors open at and show starts at and as far as I can gather the majority of M&G's are conducted after shows.

If I get mine soon will let you know and there are still a couple of months to go so pretty sure will have better idea by then, hopefully !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Sylvia,

Mine were booked through Gigs and Tours too but there wasn't any details enclosed at all except a compliment slip with the ticket details,our address and price.  I have sent them a message and hope it was just an oversight, if no luck there I will contact the theatre. It will be interesting to know what others receive when their tickets arrive. Its a bit odd though don't you think? 

Hi Carol and have looked back my e-mails from Gigs & Tours and I have made a mistake, sorry, for they did not say would be sent out with tickets but that would be sent via e-mail.   Below is message I received from them when I made an enquiry about Glasgow VIP packages but obviously have to say, do not know if that relates to every venue.
I can confirm that information in regards to the VIP element of the booking will be sent to you via email closer to the date.
If you have still not received this information in the week leading up to the event, then please contact us at your earliest convenience and we shall endeavour to forward you this to you.
Kind Regards
Customer Services
Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend.

Thanks Sylvia,  They responded to my e mail and said they will send an e mail nearer the time when the schedule has been finalised.  Its a shame they didn't put a note in with the tickets to explain because I expect others will be concerned when they receive their tickets too. 

Still, panic over.

Thanks for letting us know Carol that you got reply and looks like we will just have to bide our time and hope for best.  As soon I get any word I will come on here and post and hope if anyone else reading this gets information before we do that they will be kind enough to come in and share with us !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Good morning everyone.

I have ordered a VIP package from gigsandtours for the concert in Bournemouth.  On Friday, I received a very strange email that said, as I lived overseas, I would not receive the ticket in the post, but would need to collect it from the box office at 6.30 on the evening of the event, taking with me the bank card that I had used to pay.  The registered offices of the company are in London and Manchester, so clearly I do not live "overseas".   No details of the VIP package were listed either, nor were any details included in the original confirmation order.  My bank card expired at the end of February, has therefore been destroyed and I have a replacement with a different number.  I started to think this was all going horribly wrong.

I rang gigsandtours, and found that the only way I could get to speak to a real person was to proceed as if trying to buy more tickets.  A very patient young man explained to this concerned (annoyed) mature lady that they no longer send tickets in the post, to reduce costs of printing, but email or arrange for the buyer to collect.  As my card is different, I will need to take a bank statement showing the deduction, the confirmation email and some form of photo identity. He assured me that I wouldn't have any kind of wrangle with security if I could prove purchase. When I said arriving an hour before the concert was due to start was not what I wanted to do, he said that this was in order to ensure I received the VIP treatment I had paid for.  I didn't feel totally happy with this answer (would have much rather had the ticket in my hand ) but had to accept, as I could not get him to agree to send it out, nor was he able to confirm just what the package included. I told him I had seen concerns expressed here about the way in which this was all being handled, before I rang off.  A couple of minutes later, he rang back to say he had spoken to his supervisor, and confirmed a Meet and Greet was included, and to turn up as directed, then everything would just happen.

So that is what I will do.  I am so glad I rang them though, because I feel a lot more confident now, and know what to do to avoid the hassle of trying to collect the ticket without the right bank card.  I do think this is not the best way to conduct business, though, as I could have bought the ticket with my husband's credit card, or it could have been bought for me as a present (which it was - Christmas - although I did the purchasing myself) - I wouldn't have had the right card with me then.

Margaret in Kent.

I had this problem to and sent loads of emails then amazingly my tickets arrived and as promised details of the meet and greet arrived last week. So all good looking forward to a great evening

Hi Margaret and thanks for coming in but I am sorry to disillusion you about the young man you spoke to but his information relayed to you was wrong for Gigs & Tours are sending out tickets by post because I have received 2 of my tickets and a further e-mail to state that another one is on its way. Also too if you go into Gigs & Tours site and look at the page for Michael Bolton's concerts and check Bournemouth it tells you what is included in the VIP Package and first link is into that page:




Below link takes you into the VIP & Hospitality page on Gigs & Tours site and if you look down you will see that Michael is included and it tells you there also what is in the VIP package.




It certainly appears you have been told different information than what Gigs & Tours are putting in e-mails they are sending out but certainly, if it was me, I would not take what you have been told as gospel.  Also too you can go onto the site and ask for your confirmation e-mails again and they show your address that you have given for tickets to be sent to so you could check your details that way Margaret and then try and fathom out why they have said to you about being overseas.  If you access "Customer Service" there is a form you can fill in to get details e-mailed to you.

I would imagine the turning up early is in order that the theatre staff can hand out the Tour Books etc because as there could be a large number with VIP packages it certainly wouldn't take only 5 minutes to hand them out and then that will leave, after concert, clear for just meeting Michael and a photograph.


Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello Sylvia

I am wondering if this is just the arrangements for Bournemouth VIPs?  My confirmation email states:

Your tickets will be available for collection at the venue on the day of the event.

Bournemouth Int'nl Centre, Bournemouth, Bournemouth Int'nl Centre, Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5BH

Please quote the reference number(s) above and take the card you booked with for identification when you collect your tickets. IMPORTANT - tickets will only be issued to the card holder, on production of the card used to place the order.

So if that's what I've got in my hand, that's what they will have to adhere to.  My address is not stated on my confirmation email, so there was obviously no intention of sending it to me.  Or they will find they have one very stroppy lady on their hands...

Margaret in Kent

It looks like it is just arrangements for Bournemouth because I have just checked my VIP Package progress through customer services and they are being sent out for it is 90% through despatch for them so I should be getting word in a few days time.   If you have your reference number Margaret why don't you go into Customer Services and go to "track your order and change your address"  which is a facility they have and put in reference number and postcode and up comes details of your order and it also gives you your name, address and e-mail address and opportunity, if you want, to change delivery address and see what details are on there, if any, for you because they must have something on their records when they have said your address is overseas.....have they got you mixed up with someone else and someone else who is overseas and it is the overseas tickets that they are not posting ???   I would give it a shot and see what you can find out that way because I think it appears quite odd what is happening but of course if you are happy with the paperwork you have and having spoken to them and you feel confident everything will be okay on 24th May then just leave as is !!

Obviously, goes without saying, do hope everything does work out for you !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



Hi girls just to let you know i have had 5 tickets sent out by post from gigs and tours fine then i have had the same email as margaret for the bournemouth vip  that i live overseas so it cant be sent out and i find it very strange so will be ringing them tomorrow.Just thought i would let you know x

Thanks for coming in Helen and it is sounding stranger and stranger !!!!! :)    Definitely needs to be checked because I know I am a cynic and a pessimist but just remember all anyone needs to change details are your reference number and postcode or e-mail address.....maybe some VIP's have been compromised from Bournemouth !!!   I hope to God not but I do know that BT Yahoo accounts have been badly compromised and my e-mail account was, so much so, I have stopped using the service that Yahoo gave and only use BT Mail;  took me about a day through landline and computer with BT to sort it all out.....was not funny at all !!!!    Just thoughts because I think you all know me that my mind goes into overdrive on speculation when anything goes wrong......think they call it a "worry-guts" !!!!! LOL  

Hope all goes well and that you get everything sorted out !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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