Has anyone received their VIP package tickets yet? Mine arrived today but didn't have any details of what the plan for the evening is scheduled to be. Is the meet and greet before or after the show? Does anyone know? 


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And it gets weirder still (though better)...

On Monday I had another email from gigsandtours, saying my ticket had been dispatched!

Lo and behold, it turned up today, hand delivered by DX.  There's no details of the package, just the ticket and an advice slip that says 6.30pm, whereas the ticket "doors open" time is 7pm.  So in effect I'm still no wiser, although I won't have to go through the whole photo id/bank statement palaver.

I think I will ring the venue the day before, to check what time I really do need to be there.  I wonder if the meet and greet is before the concert, but it would be very easy to miss the difference in time on the advice ticket.  Ho hum.

Sylvia, you're not a worry-guts; the whole thing seems very odd, though I do now believe gigsandtours just made a simple error and sent out the wrong email - but I was feeling decidedly unsure over the weekend, and still a bit annoyed.

Helen, if you find out more, let me know, or I will see you on the night.  Not long now!

Margaret in Kent

So glad to hear you have got your tickets Margaret and think this is definitely turning into its own "Bolton Adventure"  !!! lol   Hope Helen has been as successful as you and either got her tickets and if not, at least, a good explanation as to what the e-mail means !!!

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I have received my VIP tickets today for Liverpool, no info whatsoever.

There doesn't seem to be any information being given with tickets Jill for I got mine in for Glasgow other day and nothing with them.  I am going to e-mail Gigs & Tours and see what I get back but beginning to think it is possibly a case of you having to contact the theatre and find out what the actual arrangements are.

Hope you have a super time at concert in Liverpool and please come back on and let us know how it went !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia..Actually Tweeted Gigs and Tours today, they said we will be receiving an email, when they venue as sorted the schedule out. X

Thanks a million for that info Jill and saves me an e-mail......thanks !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I think we are all getting a little anxious now.  I keep checking my e mails to see if there is any info but still nothing yet. Gigs and tours did say they would send an email once the schedule had been arranged so I assume this will happen but have decided to contact them again at the end of the month if I still haven't heard anything and the the venue too. My M&G is the first one of the tour so it isn't too far away now and it would be nice to have an idea of timings, especially if its planned for before the show. 

Hi carol.
Any news yet? I haven't heard anything. Xx

No, still nothing. Our M&G is next Thursday so its quite close now and would have expected to hear something by now.  

Ours is a week in Saturday. It's not very good is it? Also on MB website today, it says he's cancelled a show, due to health. :( Xx

Yes I heard that too, I'm sure he will be fine by next week, fingers crossed.  I am a little worried as we have just over a week to go we still don't know times or any details really. Gigs and tours did say they were waiting to hear from the promotor and can't give us any details until then but said if we hadn't heard in the week leading up to the show then to contact them again, so I guess we wait until Monday and see what happens. I don't suppose anyone else has details or we would have seen on here?

The minute I hear anything lovely, I will post on here. Xx


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