Welcome everyone to the 2014 Tour Review Thread.  The upcoming year is going to be exciting with so many concerts scheduled already around the globe!!! Feel free to share the details of your concert adventures, photos, videos etc.  This is the best time to be a Bolton fan with so many concerts and the MBC Charity Event which will most likely be held later in the year too. Michael has multiple projects in the works so we never know what will happen next!!!! I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2014 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past. 

Happy Concert Time in 2014 to all of you!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

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It kept buffering for me also Petra. I thought maybe it was me!

Robin in MD:)

If my computer expert can solve the problem, I will anew put the video! I needed to look the interview  1 hour!!!    ;(

Petra (Germany)

Danke für den Link Petra!. L.G. Astrid

Thank you Petra...nice find!! I sure hope MB gets a tv show :))

Kathy and LAFD Bob

It is a beautiful day in Cardiff and I have been out and sussed everything and asked at reception just how far away we are from theatre.....2 minutes for I literally turn the corner from my hotel and I can see the sign for it up the street.....it took me longer to walk it on Google Earth than in reality.  Below are some pictures I thought you would all like to see and they are all taken round the entrance of the theatre;  it is a beautiful setting !! :)

For Sylvie and Robin R I have taken pictures of the billboard advertising Michael's show and one has a sticker across it saying "Tuesday night" and what they have used is the actual Tour Schedule photo and I have managed to get in as well the name of the theatre written on the wall of the entrance and of course it is "St David's Hall", St. David being the patron saint of Wales and what you will also notice is that it is written in another language underneath and that is in Welsh for here every single sign post, no matter for what, also has it written in Welsh.  Other pictures show a lovely outdoor café/snack bar and I have taken that the way I have for it's name includes the name "Hayes" for in actual fact the theatre is in Hayes Square and thought more than appropriate for our Ashley.  Hope you enjoy the pics and I maybe back on tonight and let you know if Michael has survived meeting me for YES folks I am meeting him tonight.....another secret the Wee One kept....I have a VIP Package for here.

Here are the pics:

Other pictures I haven't put on as it is taking far too long to upload them and I want to get back out in this sun and head for the Millenium Stadium whilst the weather is good and get some pics down there and of course too to have another wee walk up to theatre just to see what is happening....!!!!!!!! LOL

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Bonjour Sylvia,

oh! this is awesome! Sylvia! I feel to be there :) Enjoy! and you never know who you can meet! Lol ... Have fun :)

oh! c'est génial ! Sylvia ! j'ai l'impression d'y être :) profites ! et on sait jamais qui on peut croiser! ... lol Amuses-toi bien

Hi Ya Katia....so nice to see you here :)). I hope your time comes soon too, Katia :). Hugs,

Kathy T. :)

Coucou Kathy (Tulsa),

I'm always there! Lol! I hope that you are well! Don't worry about me, it's a pleasure to see the other happy and it is enough for me, Maybe, that I shall never see one of its concerts but it doesn't matter, as long as he does what he loves and he continues to  share his talent! If you have concerts planned for you, Enjoy for me HA! Take care of you my Beautiful Kathy Giant Hugs




je suis toujours là ! lol ! j'espère que tu vas bien ! ne t'inquiètes pas pour moi, c'est un plaisir de voir les autres heureux et cela me suffit, Peut-être, que je ne verrai jamais un de ses concerts lui mais ce n'est pas grave, tant que lui fais ce qu'il aime et qu'il continue à faire partager son talent ! si tu as des concerts prévus , profites pour moi

Pic Twitter  Cardiff

Katia I just found this.....how sweet of you and I will still be hoping for your concert as always too.:). I have no future concerts planned yet but hoping as always. Glad you are well and I am too....I think.....If I survive trying to keep up with all of these concerts Sylvia and others are on that is.....LOL.....do not need a concert right now with all of this UK excitement, I AM THERE ALREADY ;).
You take care too Katia and thanks for the photo too. Big Giant Hugs back to you, sweetie.

Kathy T. :)

Thanks for the update Sylvia and thanks a lot for the pic descriptions. OMG, I thought your M&G was in Glasgo! Enjoy the lead up to your big event, inhale all the details and don't pass out! lol Have a wonderful day Sylvia, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QC Canada :D

Dear Sylvia,

nice to read that you have arrived safely. Today, I will in thought his evening with you and wis very, very fun. Especially after the meeting with Michael. :-)

Best regards from Berlin


Sylvia? Do you think of my tip? Let go Michael's hand again!

I wish you a wonderful Bolton event. Enjoy every second! I must admit, I would be with pleasure on your side!!! Who not???

Petra (Germany)


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