Welcome everyone to the 2014 Tour Review Thread.  The upcoming year is going to be exciting with so many concerts scheduled already around the globe!!! Feel free to share the details of your concert adventures, photos, videos etc.  This is the best time to be a Bolton fan with so many concerts and the MBC Charity Event which will most likely be held later in the year too. Michael has multiple projects in the works so we never know what will happen next!!!! I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2014 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past. 

Happy Concert Time in 2014 to all of you!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

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Hi Olive and welcome.....have a great show tomorrow and I hope so...M will come down :-)....the best places are at the edge when he passes by back to stage :*)  let us know how it was in Liverpool...

Good night...


Have a wonderful night at the Liverpool show Olive.  MB never disappoints. Yes he comes out to the audience for WAMLAW, look for the steps at the stage to see what side it could be. Sometimes tho he goes in and out side doors and does not come down the bigger aisles, depending on how the venue is set up. It could be a short trip into the audience and other times not!!LOL Have a wonderful show.

Robin in MD USA :)

Hi Olive and welcome to the site :). Enjoy your concert....have a blast.... and hope to see you back here with a review :)).

Kathy T. :)

Hi Folks and below is link  into album of pictures from Wolverhampton and sorry but they are not in order for some that I added didn't come up with "add to an album" facility and I had to drag them over so a great majority are all out of sequence but I hope you like them nonetheless.  I certainly do, considering my first set of pictures from a Michael Bolton concert and when I actually took them I thought they were all rubbish and would have been delighted if one had turned out not too bad and it wasn't till I got back to hotel last night and looked at that I kind of went, wow, and I have to admit what a wonderful buzz I got looking at them and each and everyone having a special little memory and to think they are all mine;  somehow I just did not expect to get the feeling that occurred when I looked at them, it was most peculiar and I couldn't stop grinning....yeah, okay folks, I know, spot the looney !!! LOL   Have to say that pictures taken when Michael is singing WAMLAW I didn't even see him all I did was stood on tiptoe and held camera as high as I could and aimed it where spotlight was so I was pretty pleased with way they have turned out although, in a way, they are rubbish and in one of them where you see what looks like part of a shirt being held up that was eventually given to Michael when he returned to stage and he put it on piano and whatever was on it he spent a second or two looking at.   One I did take of just stage before any lights were down and that is how it hasn't turned out well and the same with the one where you see Milo at front of stage bending down talking to someone for I just spotted him coming across stage and took but it was long before show started.  The one of Michael jumping is just as he started to come back down and that is how it is all hazy but OMG every time I look at that I just think great because I have always wanted to get one of them.   There is one other one that is too hazy but I didn't notice I had picked it up too but I hope you do enjoy them !!! :)  BTW I love the one I got of him coming onto stage and down steps because obviously when I took I was only concentrating on capturing him and did not notice girl's hand but think it looks so cute as it almost looks as though Michael is sitting in her palm and I can assure you that was far from deliberate and it wasn't anything like the picture I saw myself taking but I love the way it has turned out.



Pictures for now, review to follow !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello Sylvia, nice to read something from you. Thank you so much for the photos in the album. You're become very great, and in any case a nice memory.
Have a nice day tomorrow and a wonderful evening.

Best regards from Berlin


So glad it was a rockin show Sylvia. Just saw your pics, you got some good ones. Notice you got the Jump Shot as I call it from Steel Bars, I've been taking that one for years, so much fun!!   Did you go home in between shows? I hope all is going well with your travels.

Looking forward to your review Sylvia. Thanks for posting your photos!!!

Robin in MD:)

Thanks for posting the great photos you took, Sylvia. It sounds like from the other fans here and also the news review I read it was a fantastic concert :).
I love the photo of the ladies hand which MB looks as if he is sitting in....cute one :). Very happy for you that you got a lot of good photo memories and looking forward to your second review too :). Hugs,

Kathy T. :)

Hey Sylvia, quite enjoyed your description of taking pictures, it's entertaining! XD Can't wait for your review, hope to read it soon, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QC Canada :D

Wow Sylvia you got some great photos!!! Good for you for your first time taking pics at a MB concert :)) I keep saying I won't be bothered taking photos but then I just HAVE to take a few ;) Thanks for sharing!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Hi Folks and going to try and get review done.   Last night I lost WiFi connection in hotel I was in and had to use phone for sending message to Twitter and FB and I am not very good at using either yet as that was only my second time of tweeting through my phone.   I can access the forum but that is all I can do for have no conception of how you enter a post through cell phone......I'll try and learn one day !!! LOL

Just want to take opportunity to say that because of not having access I have managed to gather up over 200 e-mail notifications so I think and hope you appreciate that there is no way I am going to access them to find out there content and have just picked up a few new ones concerning Twitter and FB but rest I am going to delete so sorry folks and if anyone asked me questions or whatever and I haven't responded please do not think it was deliberate on my part to ignore only that time would certainly not allow.   As I have said I am sorry but hope you can understand.

Well I have now arrived in Bristol and whilst journey down was excellent when I arrived here I spent as long touring round Bristol trying to find hotel and everyone I stopped and asked way kept saying to me it was a terrible city to drive round .....understatement for London is easier and I truly do mean that and if anyone living in Bristol is reading this I pity you if you have a car for I can assure you mine is in an underground car park and it is staying there till I go home on Tuesday that is if I ever find my way out ......LOL

Now onto THAT show and OMG what a show it was !!!! :)

Will go back to time I arrived at theatre for there was a substantial queue but it moved fairly quickly but where I joined it I suddenly became aware of all these younger people around me and started to feel like my granny.....okay, before anyone says anything, I know that is what I am but it still hits hard when you are reminded of it and I certainly was in that queue for I started to look round and would have said average age to me was about 40 and when I got into theatre I had a good scan right round and apart from ages I saw a devil of a lot of men.....imagine me noticing the other sex and too.....a lot of young men for round my little area there were three who were definitely only in 20's.   Rock on Michael for sure looks as though you have another generation of fans following you.

Show started and I started chair dancing, clapping and enjoying myself but then realized people round about were pretty conservative so kind of stopped except still did little bit of chair dancing and in saying that I am not meaning they were quiet for far from it by all that kept getting shouted out and the cheers and applauding after each song but it was after each song and I started to think, Cardiff was livelier than this, although maybe not as loud.  Then it came to Michael in audience singing WAMLAW and the usual rush to the stage took place but I new I couldn't go there for stage was far too high and I would have been looking up too much, neck would have been sore, and space between first row and stage wasn't that deep so I thought just be happy where you are girl.  Well as I say Michael started to sing and I wanted to see him and couldn't by just turning round in seat so I stood up and in doing that noticed that there were others in audience on feet too and then suddenly everyone was on their feet even half the balcony were all standing and the atmosphere just went from tepid to red hot.  Michael eventually made his way back to stage and everyone stayed standing and the cheers that erupted toward end were awesome and I don't believe he actually got to totally finish any song completely after that ...BUT...even at end of song no one sat back down we all stood for rest of concert and danced, clapped, shouted, sang and had one heck of a bleep bleep time.....it was phenominal !!!   I kid you not when I say last concert I went to that reached that level and made me feel the way I did last night was a Springsteen one for there was one point in time that will stand out for me and it was when the band came back on for the encore and Michael was still to appear and there had been plenty of shouts and cheers all going on and then suddenly someone started stamping their feet, well OMG that place erupted in foot stamping until it was reaching a crezendo and the vibration was travelling right through your veins, oh, it was fantastic !!!   What was even more special was you could see Michael was lapping it and you could see he was feeding off it and it was energizing him....I bet he had trouble falling asleep last night but it was so wonderful to see and as I said about final line-up picture I took when they were breaking apart to me the look on Michael's face says it all for I wouldn't be surprised to know that he was standing there, at that moment in time saying to himself; "this is what makes it all worthwhile !!!"   Also too it was the same with the band for you can see right away they are musicians they are not just there doing a job and what they do they absolutely love and get such a kick out of and it was so lovely to see and witness......picked that up too in Cardiff.

I apologize if my next little bit about concert has already been spoken about but as I say sorry I just haven't had time to follow everything so if duplicated hope no one minds.   There was a fellow who started shouting on Michael and eventually Michael looked his way and he launched something onto the stage and even Michael drew back and looked at what landed just about in front of him and what it was was a bag of Starburst and Michael in his inimitable way of the quick retort said something along lines of well I have had a lot of things thrown at me on stage but never Starbursts and maybe I shouldn't do any more car adverts because they could hurt, well I kid you not, I nearly fell off my seat laughing at him being as quick as that and also the vision of a car going through the air as the Starbursts had !! lol   Someone else shouted out "Everybody's Crazy".....you know, somebody maybe by the name of Neil ???.....and Michael said that was an example of what he was talking about with vintage material but he also said that he actually hadn't wanted to mention those words about "everybody's crazy" as in, encompassing the whole audience because by that time everybody was getting crazy !!! lol   There was plenty of other banter with the audience and times when he was really laughing and there was a group of girls up in the balcony who had made there way along to the stairs at the side which looked right down on the stage and they, at one point, were shouting at him and everyone was laughing.  He did make his way along the stage and shook hands with everyone but he didn't do it as much as he did in Cardiff but of course the stage being higher didn't lend itself to the amount he managed there and I believe someone did mention somewhere on here about the scarf and was it the same one I "twirled" and yes it was and I will never have to twirl that again to remember exactly how it felt....the word beautiful comes to mind and at least now I can look at pictures and actually point to the little bit I touched....that was definitely, one of those, moments in time !!! :)

At end of show I looked for merchandise table and saw Kelly again and she truly is a lovely person for she remembered me fine and noticed too that I had got my hair cut but I didn't stay long talking to her as a lot of people about and as she is working extra to promote her new CD at the events felt wasn't fair to take up too much time so really just thanked her for wonderful show and wished her well in Liverpool and said would see in Bristol and have to just add that as I walked away there was a little bit I thoroughly enjoyed for I didn't half get a few old fashioned looks and I just thought yeah, mind your own business ladies but amazing how so many can't do that and butt in everywhere when they know nothing and think they know it all.....LOL   Also too was a tad disappointed for when I came out theatre I called for a taxi and he didn't take long in coming either, which was great but as we were drawing away and got to end of theatre I spotted down the street the tour bus and the equipment vans and half kind of wished I had walked along that far before calling my taxi....but....these things happen !! :(

Now Liverpool rolls on and we have Thida there but unfortunately she has no internet connection whilst over here so will have to wait till toward end of month when she gets back to Thailand to hear how it all went but I can let you know girls she was darn excited before she flew the other day and hope she has a blast for she definitely deserves it after her disappointment with the Hitman Tour show being cancelled in Bangkok and obviously too hope everyone else going tomorrow night has a fantastic time and I can assure you I will be thinking about you all and reliving the concert from memory.  Then it is my turn again on Monday along with a few other people on here by the sound of things so here's hoping we all have a wonderful time in Bristol and make Colston Hall's roof come off !!! lol.

To end my review here is a picture I took of Milo in Cardiff as he was trying to back away from me when I was saying: "picture, picture !!!" and he was saying: "no, no !!!"

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



I was tapping my feet here right along with you girl!! GREAT REVIEW!!!!! Sounds like MB got that crowd going for the second half and out of their seats! Woo Hoo!! I saw on FB a fan that said same as you it was a wonderful show. MB is sure quick with the combacks isn't it! He's so darned funny in between the music, I love when he gets into the banter. That's a great one about the Starburst and a car possibly being throw on stage!LOL He's so quick with combacks!!! Go MB!!!!

Kelly has a new CD? What's the title of it if you know? I'd love to buy it.I hope she does that back here. Thanks for answering if you know.

I love this of Milo, he's too funny and sweet!!LOL

So now you have a few days to be a tourist there in Bristol? I hope you enjoy your time there before the show on Monday night.  I too hope Thida has fun.

Thanks for your fun review Sylvia. I like your photo's too, commented on those earlier!!!!  I hope you get your photo with MB soon..

Robin in MD :)

Hi Sylvia...thanks so much for another GREAT review!!  I LOVE how you described the stomping from the whole audience!! Lots of love being exchanged there for sure!! I am thrilled that MB had a special concert at Wolverhampton :)) I am glad the bag of Starbursts landed safely!! That could have hurt..lol Those are the best shows when MB chats and jokes with the crowd.

I hope you get out of Bristol ok!! Be careful!! Oh boy...maybe now you can catch your breath a bit and catch up on your computer if you get a connection ;)

Great to hear that Thida has arrived and is ready for her concert too!! Can't wait to hear her review!

I love this photo of Milo...looks like he is thinking...ok WeeOne I am going to get you for taking this photo!!! I think you now qualify for the title of papparazzi...LOL

Have a WONDERFUL show this time around!!! Oh my...your head must be spinning!! Get some rest :)))

Looking forward to your next post.....

Kathy and LAFD Bob 


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