Welcome everyone to the 2016 Tour Review Thread!   The upcoming year is going to be exciting with many concerts scheduled already around the globe!!!MB has some Canada and USA shows in February and March 2016 and then he heads to the UK in April 2016!!!  This is the best time to be a Bolton fan with so many concerts and we may have a Michael Bolton Charities event later in the year, we never know. Michael has multiple projects in the works and he is good at keeping us guessing. I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2016 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past. 

Happy Concert Time again in 2016!! Let the year long concert party begin soon!! 

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All right Sylvia, did you touch his chest? I wouldn't have had the nerve to do that.

Bonjour à tous , 

Lien vers de belles photos de MB en concert et pendant le M & G Spotlight 29 -Coachella (CA) - 7 mai 2016  http://imagineimagery.zenfolio.com/bolton0516/e7de6f1ff

Merci Francoise !!! :)   Lovely photos and thanks so much for share and finding.....Merci !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend AGAIN


They are actually professional people who do those videos and upload to their youtube channel and they capture all celebrities and actually if you look at other videos of Michael you will hear the same voice.  The guy you hear calling out and then laughing he is on a lot of videos and Michael knows them and that is why he takes the time to acknowledge because they are, nine times out of ten, exceptionally courteous to him and other stars.  Ones you see Michael signing pics for are not fans they again are professional people who do that and then they sell the pics on e-Bay etc.  It is a case of being nice and fair to the paparazzi and they in turn will be nice to you and hopefully leave you alone when you want to be left alone....you scratch my back I'll scratch yours and happens all time !!!

Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend AGAIN


Thanks a lot Sylvia. That video clip was amazing. Michael is always lovely. Thanks again for sharing. One love.


Bonjour à tous . 

J'ai ajouté quelques photos prises sur le RAH Avril 28. 

Je n'ai pas beaucoup de mots pour parler; MB, est surpris par ma façon d'exprimer quelques mots ! grande mémoire !!! De belles rencontres, des rires, des artistes sensationnelles, des voix magnifiques, MB aux chansons top et inoubliables, une poignée de main quand WAMLAW. J'ai adoré, adoré !

Presque un mois déjà ... pardonnez mon retard à partager mes souvenirs, mais mieux vaut tard que jamais lol !!! 


Part translation of what Francoise has said in posting link to her photos in album she has created in Gallery of her pics from RAH, 28th May, 2016

 "do not have many words to speak; MB, is surprised by my way to express a few words! great memory! Beautiful meetings, laughter, artists sensational, beautiful voice,MB in the top songs and unforgettable, a handshake when WAMLAW. I loved, loved
Almost a month already... forgive my delay to share my memories, but better late than never lol!"

Cool Francois. I should have looked better @ your name. So cool you saw Michael @ RAH. What I'd give if I could go back to 5/7/16 to Spotlight 29 casino again.

Yes Robin, I have had that chance. Fingers crossed to go again at a concert.

I saw your picture with MB, sensational. I wish you many more.

Take care and kisses from France <3 

Thank you Sylvia  for the translation.

I'm still on my cloud !!

Kisses from France 

Awesome Francoise. We're all on cloud 9. I know I am.

Je vous remercie donc beaucoup pour le partage de belles photos de Francoise... Merci!!! Heureux que vous avez obtenu la poignée de main... souvenir précieux!!! :)

If you will all indulge me here is pic of myself and Francoise at RAH


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend AGAIN



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