Welcome everyone to the 2017 Tour Review Thread!   The upcoming year is going to be exciting with concerts scheduled already for 2017!!  MB has some USA shows starting off the year in January and more shows through early April so far and I’m sure many more to come around the globe as the year unfolds!  Also exciting for 2017 is the February 10th release of Songs of Cinema and I am betting a few more songs from the CD will make it in the tour setlist!  Woo Hoo!  This is the best time to be a fan with MB’s concerts and we may have a Michael Bolton Charities event later in the year, we never know. Michael has multiple projects in the works and he is good at keeping us guessing. I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2017 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past.  

Let the year long concert party begin and I wish concerts for all of you in 2017!! I know many fans are on other social media sites but I do hope we can continue with the exciting tour reviews here in 2017!  You all make the thread fun.  

Happy Concert Time again in 2017!!

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Michael and the band and crew kick of the 2017 Holiday and Hits tour this coming Sunday in the good ol USA.. I

I'm going to list the first four shows here now as I will be busy during the next week or so. I wish everyone attending a fantastic time. Nothing better than MB and concerts to get me in the Holiday spirit!!! Feel free as always to post your reviews.

Pullo Center, York, PA December 3, 2017 

Palace Theater, Greensburg, PA December 5, 2017 

Stambaugh Auditorium, Youngstown, OH December 7, 2017  

Belterra Casino - Florence, IN December 9, 2017 

Robin in MD :)

Hi all, This is just a quick note on the show in York, PA last night at The Pullo Center. MB was in a great mood and sounded wonderful.  He didn't do any Christmas songs but he put back in some I'd not heard live for a while like Soul Provider and Go The Distance. I had read he was doing them but he didn't I don't believe in VA end of August.. 

We had gotten VIP seats, front row, that were supposed to included an after show meet/greet, sadly that got changed due to some time constraints.  They instead emailed us earlier this week that they were having us attending his sound check prior to the show instead and we were given a signed poster and a gift back from a skin care company. They also had food for us after sound check and before the show and Joe discounted his merchandise for us... That was nice, I loved sound check with MB last year when we did the PledgeMusic VIP Experience. We were allowed to sit about mid-way back the venue and it's small so it was not really far from the stage.. MB joked and kidded with us and he saw us and pointed at Kathy and I. He teased us about hearing this stuff over and over and I said 500 times and he said something like probably I'm almost there by now. LOL  I love watching the band and MB do the fine tuning of the show.

It was a bummer not getting to say hi and get a photo with him but we took lemons and made lemonaide!!!  MB was the best all night.  

During the show he teased me some and chatted with quite a few folks and he teased Kathy too and also Sally and her group had new shirts and he took time to comment on those, he's so sweet.  We all had front row and we were AT the stage at the seats.  When he did WAMLAW we stood by the steps at the stage and he took our hands and took other hands at the stage too.  We didn't stand for all the second part but did for the encore of Soul Provider which was beautiful.

I have to scoot for now but wanted to say MB Rocked York, PA!!! Was nice seeing some of the gals like Patty from Balto and her family and friends and Jill from York and Sally and the gals in her group.

I took photos and not sure when I can post them. Not sure if I will have time to upload any today.  We also sent an edible arrangement back to the MB and the band and crew and they loved it.. Ruki was sweet and posted a photo on her Instagram stories.  She told me they were all enjoying it.. We wanted to do something for them all and gifts aren't my thing, never know what to get people that have everything and they loved it last year so we did that again. LOL Fun times!!!!!

On to the next one!

Robin in MD :)

Here are a few pics from last night!  

Hope you like them.  I will get some up in an album soon.


Robin in MD :)

Oh! Wow! Robin! Awesome about the soundcheck. I know y'all were hoping for M&G'S & that's cool but what an exciting night. I remember meeting JJill. Cool Sally and the girls were there with their new shirts. Wow! Lemmon Aide? Yum. :) Nice gift for everyone being those ettibles. Were they delivered from somewhere or did you take it? Cool. Gifts are tough as not knowing what to give to him or anyone. Thanks for your awesome review and no doubts, the photos were awesome. Glad you had contact with speaking, hand holding & all. :)

Thanks Robin.  We had an Edible Arrangement delivered with a note from Kathy and I.  Yes it was fun.  I love watching all that.. MB and the band work very hard behind the scenes for the shows to be great each night!!

Robin in MD :)

Michael has sent a tweet showing him sitting backstage in dressing room last night signing his book, booklet with CD and posters advertising the show.  Here is tweet with pic ....

Glad to hear it all went well after the change to plans Robin and it didn't deter from having a super time.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks for posting here Sylvia.  We received one of those signed posters last night for having VIP tickets.. Nice keepsake.

Sorry this is so big! LOL But you get the idea.. I love that pic of MB!!!

Robin in MD :)

The show in Greensburg was awesome.. He added in Silent Night as a duet with Sam and the last song of the encore was White Christmas!! I think all rest same as York Sunday.   MB was funny and had fun... We all froze waiting at the car but he made it worth it.  He sat in the car and chatted and signed a photo for me of us at his car in NC.  Mom got to talk to him too. He was great with everyone.

Just a short note!!  

Robin in MD :)

Oh! Wow! Robin, cool Michael and Sam did "Silent Night! and then he did "White Christmas." Now. How awesome is that that y'all got to go to the car and speak with Michael. Awesomeness is all I can say. Enjoy any other shows if you're going to any. :)

Thanks Robin.  I just got home today from also going to Youngstown, Ohio which rocked even more.   Mom and I had a wonderful night and we were two popsicles out after the show and he came over and hugged us and chatted briefly.. It was icing on the cake and what a way to end our trip!!  He thought we were crazy being out in the cold again waiting for him.  LOL  He's the best, I keep saying.  Mom even went to the stage last night!! My mom never did that before, she always watched the rest of us over the years but decided she was and he took her hand too...

More when I write reviews.  

Robin in MD :) On the Bolton Cloud! :)

Greensburg, PA 12/5/2017


Youngstown, OH 12/7/2017

I attended both of these with my mom.  She is in her 80's but is in good shape and I'm grateful I can still take her with me at times to see MB. She enjoys the music and The Prayer is her favorite song and she always gives MB Big Standing O's.. LOL

GREENSBURG, PA  12/5/2017

Like I said above he was in a great mood and we had front row center section seats so I got lots of photos.  MB was chatty with everyone and teased me some too and he had a great audience. The show was same as York all but the two added Christmas songs as I said above from what I remember.

When he did do The Prayer with Sam at the end Mom and I stood and so did many others.. It got quiet and I told him this my mother's favorite song and she's sitting right here! He smiled and said thank you and is she?  She said BEAUTIFUL!! He thanked her again and talked about how great the song is too.  LOL  

He was funny all night and when he went to get water I said watch the water and about the Water in York.The striking thing about MB this night was the crisp WHITE Dress Shirt he had on with the dark jacket! We all commented we loved his shirt! LOL OMG what a difference, very striking and I love him in a white shirt...WHEW!!    There was the running joke the night of York about drinking the water when MB went to take a drink of his water on stage.. Well at Greensburg that turned in to a thing and he asked how many had been to York and I said myself and the Sally and her group who were front row on the right side and I pointed over to them. He interacted with them then too.  He was in a great mood. He came down the aisle on their side for WAMLAW and I was able to walk across the front of the stage from my front row seat that was more to the left of center and he took my hand and smiled as he went up the steps!! LOL That worked!!  No one stood at the stage at this one so we all chair danced.The gals on the side were ab le to stand but not those of us in the center.  We did stand for the encore which was Soul Provider and White Christmas.. Beautiful!! One of the sweet crew guys gave me another set  list for the collection after.   I appreciated MB trying to toss a guitar pick to me again but it went too far this time, past us!!LOL

Sam has been wearing some serious heels so far this tour and someone yelled out they loved her shoes and she said her feet hurt. MB said his shoes didn't hurt him and we all kinda went well....and Sam said see "they" get it!! LOL  He got a kick out of that...

Afterwards we all decided to go out and wait for MB to come out.. IT WAS FREEZING and windy.Can you all say POPSICKLES!!!!. We stood back in a hallway going to a business connected to the theater and where the door was at times to get a break from the wind. That's what I think saved mom standing that long. We saw the band come out and JP kissed my cheek and gave me a hug and he hugged mom.  Ashley did the same and talked quickly, they were on the go tho and had to run...Well Sally and her friends and mom and I and some others waited and waited,  I bet over an hour and a half.

There was a lady and her husband there and she had not ever met MB.. When MB did finally come out he got in the car and he talked to us from the car and said how cold it was.. I had seen Milo before MB came out and he hugged me and kissed my cheek too, it's been a while since I was able to talk to him too. It's been great seeing them all again. Like old times.

When MB got in the car Milo gave him Sharpies so I asked if I could have a small photo of MB and myself from at the car in NC when he took my hand last February signed.. it's a neat pic that Milo took. I have a second one with us smiling at the camera too. MB said he bet it was warmer down there when he signed it and I just said quickly how great this show was and he said how it was fun for him too.. I didn't take more time as he was done signing and I got out of the way. .The lady that never met him asked if she could get her photo with him, he told her sure turn around and it turned out good. Mom saw her husband take it.. Mom was next and just said how she loved the show and he told her to get warm and he was sorry he took so long to come outside.. LOL  He chatted with the others too and we waited to watch him wave as he rolled away. THEN we finally went to the car to thaw out.. OMG...Mom is tough, she hung in there with us but she was cold too.  I was so cold I didn't bother getting the camera out but tried some shots of just MB on the phone but they were dark.. I was shaking from being cold some too so I didn't get any.  It was Ok it was a fun time just talking to him.

Greensburg was a blast again as it has been the last 3 times prior when MB has gone there. I love going out there to see him.

NEXT---Youngstown Ohio  12/7/2017

The Stambaugh Auditorium is a beautiful venue and has two different higher levels and the sound was incredible.

We had front row left of center section, two seats in.. First thing I noticed was the low stage and it's curved so even that far over we were about where Brian was so not too bad... Also the steps were even to a seat over from mom and the aisle on our side had the marks for the box.  WOO HOO...MB was coming past us for WAMLAW..  I was able to chat with Ruki before the show quickly and also my cards made it  backstage for MB and everyone for Christmas.  

I had a unique experience at this show and it was such fun. We had a young lady probably in her early 20's and her friend sit beside me and they had the aisle seats... They were sweet and she was beside herself being that close and her FIRST Bolton concert. She told me how she had all the CD's and loved Jack Sparrow etc......She said she hoped if she screamed it wouldn't bother me and I said look, I understand... Told her I'd been to many shows and all and love to take photos and she said do what I wanted it didn't bother her..LOL Well when he came out he smiled and pointed my way which was cool and he came out on our side in front of the piano, well she about died...LOL To watch her watch MB was priceless.. She was squealing and saying cute things, and just amazed that he was THERE and she was watching him live....At one point she said Jack Sparrow and he looked over, well I had to tell him, I said this is her first show and pointed to her.. He walked to the edge of the stage and said to her"I cannot believe this is happening" and she giggled and he said it again and smiled at her....he thanked her for coming to the show too. She was so excited and kept saying OMG he talked to me....LOL   All thru the show she was so amazed by him. They both liked the band too and asked me some names. Her friend was beside herself too. Well when time came for him to go out for WAMLAW I said to them how he comes in and should come past us and if we stay in our places hopefully it will be worth it.  They were amazed and he came down the aisle very slow and shook many hands and he made the turn towards us and took her friends hand and he took this gal's beside me and then pointed at her like I remember you and smiled at her.. He then took my hand and smiled and moms and another lady's at the steps and went on up. Well then the others from center section went to the stage and I did also.. Tee newbies had no clue and I told them come on.. They were dying all over again and couldn't believe it we did that..LOL  MB was loving this crowd he was up and down the line at the stage a few times and took my hand twice and got those girls too and smiled at them again.. I was tickled to death for them.. I didn't know till after my mother was up there too down from themLOL  She told me she was going to sit and watch but after the show she told me she changed her mind and he did touch her hand again up there!!LOL  Go Mom!!!!!! He did HCWBL and Steel Bars and then for the encore he did Georgia and the stool was smack in front of us before Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas as the final song of the night! BEAUTIFUL!!.. Again those two were ready to pass out!!LOL  MB smiled at everyone and he was loving it.. I hope those pics turned out too... He had moved White Christmas up mid-show from the last show and did 3 Christmas songs including Silent Night again with Sam.

Also, this show had another wardrobe bonus.. He came out in a black velvet jacket and that same white dress shirt.  OMG it was so beautiful together on him. Ruki wanted to try it and I messaged her I hope he wore it with that white shirt.. After she said she was happy he wore it and thought he looked wonderful.. When he came out way and sat down in the early part of the show I told him I loved the jacket and the shirt. He thanked me and said it was festive for the Holiday Season. LOL  Later when doing Sweet Home Chicago with the blue guitar he commented he's not played that guitar with that jacket before.  Then the audience started the Take IT Off comments and he said he wasn't taking it off etc...LOL

I am jumbling around I know, sorry about that.. At the end of the show Drew gave those two newbies his drum sticks too and they were shocked about that as well...I am so happy they had such fun, made it extra fun for mom and myself.

Well again, we decided to see if we could see MB and did not have to go out right away in the cold.. We stayed inside a while and finally went around and no one was there and the policeman said we could wait just not get close to the trucks. That worked.Their cars blocked the wind LOL..MB wasn't nearly as long as the show before and walked out and saw us and said What are you doing in the cold? I said waiting for you, and he repeated it and I repeated it!LOL All the time he walked up to where we were and hugged each of us.  We just said we wanted to tell him how good this show was and wish him Happy Holidays.. He was concerned we were cold. He did thank me for his card that was taken backstage too, he's so sweet.We did not expect him to do that and did not want him to be out in the cold long.  We did not want a thing, just to say goodbye and wish him well since it was the last one for us this run. We never expected him to walk up and hug us.. That was icing on the cake and worth being popcicles in the cold. LOL 

That's a quick review of this one.. I had an amazing week of 3 shows in a row. It's been a good while since I had more than 2 back to back....Was a blast as always.. MB never disappoints! I say that over and over. He is the best!!!!

Robin in MD:)

The next two shows on MB's Holiday and Hits Tour are:

Count Basie Theater, Red Banks, NJ on December 13, 2017

SugarHouse Casino, Philadelphia, PA on December 15, 2017

I wish Sally and her friends and all the fans going a great time. I have family obligations during this time or I'd be at the Philly one myself..LOL

MB's been great so I am sure these two will be a rockin good time!!

Robin in MD :) 


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