Singers with beautiful voice and good skills are many, but also with the voice that can really touch people's heart like Michael are rare.

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Great topic Cheryl.


Michaels music has given me the strength to accomplish things in my life that I never thought would be possible for me again. I was once told that I would never walk again and yet, today I can. I listened to Michaels music all through my months in hospital, enduring many painful operations, physiotherapy etc and Michael gave me the strength I needed to get through it all.  


Then two years later I was told I had cancer and again Michael came to my rescue and again he pulled me through.


You are so right, Michaels voice touches many peoples hearts and lives in so many different ways and each of us have a story to tell.


Welcome to the forum Cheryl.



michael has so much talent ,no matter what song's he sings he just sounds fantasic and i must say that there aint many singers that can do that. and whenever im feeling down i just put michaels cd on and it gives me that pick up i need


Hi, Jennifer

It's really nice to hear from you. I like your page. You're truely Michael Bolton's fan. I've been wondering why you were so lucky to have the chane to meet Michael and take pictures with him. What a incredible experience. Was he nice??? Must be!!!

Guess what?  I told my secretary to lie to my students parents that I was really sick and canceled all my classes in order to go to Taipei to see his concert. I knew it was really bad to lie to the parents as a teacher, but I had to. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to see Michael.

He sang the song "When a Man Loves a Woman"  walking by the audience aisle,  I was standing there, so closed to him, but the body guards were around him, he didn't see me. ...  SAD SAD SAD~

But, when he was back to the stage, I got one of the guitar picks he threw into the audience. LUCKY~Though I don't know how to play the guitar. 

I'd really like to answer that question

Michael has the ability to sing just about anything he has such a wide vocal range as well as being a brilliant guitarist. Michael,s voice is so soft and warm and he just brings so much energy to his singing, I listen to him every day, whether I,ve had a bad day at work and need cheering up or if it,s a day off and I,m just chilling out. Michael makes life easier for me.

The man and his voice and the amazing talent he has. MB's sound is unique and he can sing the phone book and it will sound wonderful!!LOL He brings so much joy to my life with his music. It gets me through difficult times.. And what a good guy he his in his charity work and the type of person he is behind that amazing Voice!!! 


Robin in MD :)

Sometimes it's such heart breaking to listen to Michael Bolton's songs. He sings about the kind of love that people are looking for but difficult to find in the real life. His voice can really move people.

I was drinving along today listenign to 'I promise you' and I was literally bawling my eyes out!! Yep I was crying like a baby!!


I kept thinking how the song really summed up how I feel about my three sons.  We've had a few problems lately and this song just spoke volumes about how much I love them and how I will always be here for them.


Woo!! Real powerful stuff!! I had to pull over and wipe my tears away!! Seriously!!



I am new to the forum but this topic seemed a good place to start.  I loved Michael's music in the days of Steel Bars, When a Man Loves a Woman etc., then lost track of him for quite a few years.  A couple of years ago I saw the RAH concert and loved him all over again. 


The things I love about him most....the voice, always soulful and wonderful.  Then that face, so unbelievably handsome.  Most of all things you come to learn about him his generosity, his humanitarian interests and his wonderful sense of humor.  All in all, the whole package!!!


Thanks for letting me share.



Hi Cheryl and Karen, welcome to you both to the forum. I understand that you’re new here and might not know your way around the forum yet. There is a similar thread here:

Top 5 things you love about Michael:

I think this forum should come with instructions! :D Karen, I think you’ve summed up what most people have mentioned on the other thread. Incidentally, if you’ve lost track of Michael for a while, you might want to check out this link

There you’ll find his almost complete discography, in case you want to know what you’ve missed! Well, thanks for sharing, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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