Ok ,so i was wondering .What is your favorite movie.It can be whatever genre .Be interesting to see what everyones is .


Mine would be anything with Sylvester Stallone .I also love Brian Dennehy especially in true movies  xx

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My pleasure Kellie. Both my mom and my youngest daughter love Elvis so the tradition continues...You have a great week Kellie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hello Sylvie, Tu m'as fait pleurer avec cette vidéo !!! Cela fait tellement longtemps que je m'empêche de regarder Elvis en film et de l'entendre !!! A chaque fois, j'ai mal,cela me rappelle le moment où j'ai su qu'il était mort, c'était une mauvaise période pour moi, et oui déjà !!! La vidéo d'Oz aussi m'a fait pleurer mais pas pour les mêmes raisons !! Je trouve que Michael rajeunit !!! Il sourit et cela ajoute encore à son charme déjà si présent... Hummmmm Lara, ne le touches pas trop, hein !!! LOL Enfin, à chaque fois que je me connecte, je dois être trop sensible (!), j'ai beaucoup d'émotions... et des gouttes salées le long des joues !!! Bisous Thank's all to exist and Thank's Michael to accept me as one of your members and friends.... I love You !!! Bye BD
Bernadette said : «you made me cry with that video!!! I’ve been keeping myself from watching Elvis for so long and listening too!!! Each time, I hurt, it reminds me of the moment I heard he was dead, it was a bad time for me, yes already!!! Oz’s video made me cry too but not for the same reasons!! I find that Michael is getting younger!!! He smiles and this adds even more to his charm already very present… Uhm Lara doesn’t touch him too much huh? Lol Anyway, each time I log on, I must be too sensitive (!) I have a lot of emotions… and salty drops along my cheeks!!! Kisses”
Hello Sylvie, Thank's to translate my sentences !! But sorry, Shanon, we are not near from your subjet !! Have a good day all Bye BD
One of my favorite movies is deffinitly "MOONSTRUCK" I love Cher, Nicolas Cage and the entire cast of that one! Other favs of mine are "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" Patrick Swayze, I Love Him. God Rest His Sweet Soul......

Ps. How bout "The Specialist" with Sly Stallone? What a hunk!! Am I Right?
Hey Mary Lynn, love those Patrick Swayze movies and just love "Moonstruck" too, but you'd need to ask Sharon about "The specialist", she's the Sly expert! lol Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Oooohhhhhhhhhh yes .Love Sylvester .Love the shower scene in The Specialist .What a body .hmmmm .My friend even bought me a t shirt that said Mrs Sylvester Stallone.I wish ,lol
Im trying .They have suspended my a/c pending investigation.Im having withdrawals at this stage ,lol
Hope so .Im so addicted ,this is like being in rehab ,lol
Have to say "Sex In The City"with Sarah Jessica Parker also "Eat,Pray, Love" with Julia Roberts.
Mine would be Richard Gere in an Officer and a Gentleman, 1982 the year I met and married my husband title song sung by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes Up Where You Belong - love that song
Robin Hood Bryan Adams singing the title song
Hercules - Michael singing on this one
mind you I love shrek films as well
Titanic, dirty dancing, saturday night fever
I think I must be an 80's girl


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