Here's something new I thought we could try

As many of you know I love music of all sorts and have a wide variety of different types I enjoy

Usually if I am on the computer I am also listening to my music as well

It just so happens that right now Ready for you- Michael playing

It doesn't have to be Michael Bolton it can be anybody by the time I finish typing Anne Murray and Kenny Rogers are singing If I ever

fall in Love again

Happy new year


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"Hope it's too late" Michael bolton
All the best
Snap!!! Goodness me Dianna!! We were listening to the same song at exactly the same time!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
Really Jennifer that is weird!!!!
I love that song
I miss the smiley's and my signature :(
Yes, I've been looking around the sirte to see if its an option in our profiles to add the rick text editor, but it doesnt appear to be. I've e-mailed the management to ask if we can have the text editer back.

I loved the smileys too and the fact that we could enlarge and highlight text and make it colourful aswell.

Must also click the option not to allow emails when someone replies to a topic!! Ha Ha!! My e-mail box will be bursting!!

Love the image adding method here though thats great isnt it?
I'm loving the video links too!! wow!! Heaven!

Have you noticed that we only have 15 minutes to edit our text once its posted!! All this an no spell check!! Ooops, thats gonna be bad for me and my dyslexic fingers!! I always have to go back to check and edit my spellings and typos!!

Big hugs Jennifer XXX

Boo hoo!! I want my signature back though!!!!! :(

Jennifer are you adding the signature like me with each post
OR have you worked out how to add it to your profile.

Listening too "If I ever fall in love again"kenny Rodgers and Anne Murray

All the best

Just trying out the upload file boxes.
Need You To Fall
Loving him was easier than anything I had done before "Tina Turner"

Can You Feel Me
God Bless America "Celine Dion"
Sept 11th concert

Go the Distance "Michael Bolton"

heaven help my heart "Tina Arena"


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