Here's something new I thought we could try

As many of you know I love music of all sorts and have a wide variety of different types I enjoy

Usually if I am on the computer I am also listening to my music as well

It just so happens that right now Ready for you- Michael playing

It doesn't have to be Michael Bolton it can be anybody by the time I finish typing Anne Murray and Kenny Rogers are singing If I ever

fall in Love again

Happy new year


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George Michael .One more try / a different corner
Crazy Love, Michael Bolton

I must be crazy too... But then aren't we all...

Crazy for more of Michael's music that is...

Here's hoping that the 2 new songs on the US Albumn are big hits too!

Sign Your Name: Michael Bolton

Could you make me a new sig? a heart with my name in it, on Michael's chest?

Nice one please. So that I can use it. Make it pump! LOL Or has that already been done?

If so, I have to think of a new one. Thank you Dianna for the wonderful siggys you have made for us!

'Beautiful dirty Rich' By Lady GaGa

I've been playing the whole album this morning and I love it!!

Some of the tracks are a bit weird the first time you play them but they are still very good.

Well worth buying this album....'The Fame'.

Love Jennifer XXXX

Can't Turn It Of~Michael
"Dat's Love", Jennifer Steadman
Such a catchy little tune, made me Smile. You sounded just great Jennifer!
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent.
The only song I have is on a 45 single and I was 9 yrs old. The song is
called "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window" LOL All I can remember is that
the 45 was pink in color and their were 2 other girls who sang in the trio, Kathy and Sonjia.
We performed other songs as well that day, I don't remember what other song was on the
other side. We all went to a private Christian School and were chosen out of a group of 50 to
perform at the Pepperdine University. The audience was about 5000 people.
Talk about stage fright!
Well I loved hearing your lovely voice.
Billy Gilman "There's a hero"

Simon and Garfunkel "Bridge over troubled water" beautiful song

"Love iis a wonderful thing" just starting our man Michael Bolton
Hope its too late ,Even Dylan is singing it with me .He wanted to know could he come with me to see Michael when i went to London ,Had to tell him we would be shopping so he quickly changed his mind but maybe next year when Michael comes back i will have to bring him(couldnt this year in Dublin as he wouldnt be sitting with me).Its great that Michael is reaching 8 year olds with his music although i think it might just be more to do with the fact that the cd is constantly on in the car ,lol.xx
I know isn't it lovely Caitlyn's learning Michael's songs and loves dancing to them!
Bless the children
Love Dianna xxx

Need You to Fall~ Michael Bolton
Wondering if Michael really knows how many of us have fallen in love,
for this whole entire CD...


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