List 10 things that are on your bucket list.


On my bucket list there are many, many things.


Here are just 10 of mine-


1/ To duet with Michael Bolton


2/ To sing at the Royal Albert Hall (with or without an audience, I really dont mind)


3/ To drive a double decker bus round on a skid pan.


4/  To do a stand up comedy routine in a comedy club.


5/ To photograph an African safari.


6/ To swim with dolphins.


7/ To interview Ozzy Osbourne


8/ To read the news on BBC1


9/ To have my book published.


10/  To have my invention taken up on Dragons Den by Peter Jones, Duncan Banatyne and Theo Paphitis.


There, thats 10 of mine, l'd love to see 10 of your or as many as there are on your list. (within reason ofcourse)


Love Jennifer XXXX




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My Bucket List is as follows

1. Continue to be healthy and happy
2. Continue to attend as many Bolton concerts as possible
3. I've met Michael but never gotten to visit or talk with him to any extent
4. Travel as much as I can with my husband (going to england, ireland, scotland in august) after that, want to see italy, greece, china etc
5. Celebrate 50 yrs with my husband (just celebrated 35 in July)
6. See an end to cancer and heart disease
7. open my own dessert shop and write a cookbook
8. Watch my 2 girls grow old and hope someday make me a grandma
9. Go on an African safari, I will never be able to talk my husband into that one!!
10. To see an end to the wars and have all our guys back home safe

That is about it for now, I am sure it will change sometime!!

Hello everybody I have a lot of wishes, but doing a check list is not easy !!! And because my birth language is the French, it's not easy to translate my ideas on this page.... So, i'm going to try what i want for the near future :
1) winning a lot of money to do what i want,
so in 2) having a dinner with Michael in a italian restaurant in New York or everywhere he choices,
3) keep my children in good health for all there life,
4) being able to go around the world to see Michael on his concerts and discover the planet with him,
5) having the time to meet all members of this site to speak about Who ? Michael of course,
6) seeing the peace becoming the right rule on the world,
7) being able to help the needed personns who ask me the hand,
8) keeping my eyes and my corps wellness to the end of this passage on this planet,
9) touching the skin and the tenderness of God,
10) so, having the fortune doing all my wishes with the support of Michael....

I think it's not impossible for someones, but realise all, very difficult.... So, Michael, give me the chance to see you near your skin, if you understand what i want to say !!! What does it mean : i need you ! Whatelse ? Thank's to you Jennifer making us the possibility to sign our name on your page Bye BD
Hi, All
This is my list
To meet Michael again, and again, and again......

To have the experience following to Michael's world tour,
though be assistant's assistant's assistant, or 4th, 5th guitar LOL!!
I don't care how !!!.

To see the northern light.

To see a new government and president for my country now. this it's very urgent

To be a month in New York at Christmas.

To be a month in Madrid at Christmas too.

To have my book and some songs published.

To win Lotto, I could do so many good things.

Agree with many of you, to see a cure for all diseases.
Years ago, asked in particular for cancer, now since 3 years ago,
also for multiple sclerosis.

To see world peace.

To be able to spend more time doing everything I want at the beach.

To see the end all kind abuse, from to the women to the drugs, etc, etc.

By the way, Juliet if you want to come to Caracas, Venezuela.
You're very welcome, my home is your, but now not,
until that Venezuela has new government with
a new president, Venezuela is now a nightmare.

Take care
Hi, Janniche
To make a wish, never its late.
Take care
Hi, Juliet
We are friends on FB !!!! I'm Maria Eugenia Lollett Peraile, but my nickname is
Mariu, my name tooooo long. Already, I saw the pics Gosh are beautiful
I'm jelousy !!!
Maybe, I wish someday I'll see them.
Take care
Well, I've never heard of a bucket list before, but from what I'm reading, it sounds like a wish list.

Here's my list....
1. To have a songwriting session with some of my favorite musicians
2. Have singing lessons (I sing for fun and want to improve my vocals)
3. Write my first mystery story
4. Meet Michael and thank him for inspiring me to write for 20 years now.
5. Travel to Europe, Australia and Hawaii
6. Find a cure for all diseases
7. Play 18 holes of golf (I've never been to a golf course, or attended a golf event, or picked up a golf club)
8. Travel to LA to see some of my favorite jazz musicians on their turf
9. Meet David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston
10. See a Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup Finals in person.

aka the Quiet One
Hi Julie,
Some of my favorite jazz musicians that I've met include: David Sanborn, Chris Botti, Michael Lington, Euge Groove, Brian Culbertson, Brian Bromberg, Lee Ritenour, Joe Bagale, Kurt Elling, Ricky Peterson & Spencer Day. I do know that Spencer, Euge, and both Brian's live in SoCal. Joe lives near me in the Bay area. These guys I've met when they've come to Oakland or San Francisco to play. I would like to go down there where they are and see them. One musician I would love to see live that I haven't seen yet is Chris Standring. He's an amazing guitar player.

Hi Jennifer,

I'm a new member and wanted to share my Bucket List that I started on my 50th Birthday last year. I keep a copy folded in a protected clear acrylic keychain and I'm reminded every day to try to work on something from my Bucket List. It has been a blast for me. In fact, if it wasn't for my Bucket List, I probably wouldn't have found out about this wonderful MB website. I'm sending a copy as an attachment.

I'm about half way through this list now and having so much fun plugging away! Under Front Row Favorites, I'll be seeing MB (front row center) on September 22 with a friend and we are so excited! THE BUCKET LIST with Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman is a must see and one is never too young to start their own Bucket List.

Thanks for a great post!

Lorie (a.k.a. Lady Bubbles)
Hey Lorie Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing and good going on front row Center seats. It doesn't get any better than that!!! Have a great time! That's one thing you can check off the list!
Robin in MD :)
Wow!! What a great bucket list and so organised too!!

I've added your birthday to the Bolton Buddy's birthday so we can all wish you a Happy Birthday when it comes around next year.

'The Bucket List is an amazing film, Sad, but really thought provoking.

Love Jennifer XXX
Hi and Welcome Lorie,
Have a great night at MB front row center good on you.
You share your birthday with one of my daughters
Good Bucket list!
All the best
Dianna xxx
Hi Janniche,

From experience, a bucket list is a great way to get a life back together! Sounds like you're really thinking your bucket list through too, I did the same.

I started my bucket list while battling a long illness which took doctors over 9 months to diagnose and it definitely helped in getting my life back.

For me, having something to look forward to while being so sick was a great motivator and I guess turning 50 did too. I'm just really, really glad I made it.

Have fun and always keep the faith! Hope your mom gets better soon...

All the best,



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