List 10 things that are on your bucket list.


On my bucket list there are many, many things.


Here are just 10 of mine-


1/ To duet with Michael Bolton


2/ To sing at the Royal Albert Hall (with or without an audience, I really dont mind)


3/ To drive a double decker bus round on a skid pan.


4/  To do a stand up comedy routine in a comedy club.


5/ To photograph an African safari.


6/ To swim with dolphins.


7/ To interview Ozzy Osbourne


8/ To read the news on BBC1


9/ To have my book published.


10/  To have my invention taken up on Dragons Den by Peter Jones, Duncan Banatyne and Theo Paphitis.


There, thats 10 of mine, l'd love to see 10 of your or as many as there are on your list. (within reason ofcourse)


Love Jennifer XXXX




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Thanks for the welcome ladies and for adding my birthday to the Bolton Buddies birthday calendar. It's fun and inspiring to read others bucket lists too - so glad to be a part of the MB forum!

I'll post a review on the concert but w/o pictures - not allowed to take photo's during the concert at the Gallo Center. If I'm as lucky as some of you and have the opportunity to meet Michael after the concert, I'll have my friend snap a picture then. I'll keep you posted...

Thanks again!


Hi, All

Let me tell you that the Bucket List works. Once I heard that all desire should be or have them

in writing, so that God decides the right time to make it happen and that I kept in mind.
 To make short tale my brother went to get a passport and BINGO! He got it but said nothing.

 According to what he told me to plan a trip or a tour group to New York, but there was

another issue the tickets were sold out for the holiday season, but American Airlines

has flights from Caracas-NY 5 times a week from tomorrow morning and BINGO!

 again and not only that, managed to stay too. And yesterday I got the surprise,

we will be in New York on Tuesday for 13 days. Not surprising?, everything was so fluid,

I couldn't wait to tell you and at last, I can buy the Michael's CD and

I'll send to Gail the cards directly.
 I still can't believe it, everything was so easy...
Really the bucket list works, I hope do it toall of you.
Take care


Oh Mariu, I'm so happy for you sweetie! What a wonderful surprise: a nice Christmas present in advance, isn't it? :D Well you and yours have a wonderful time in America sweetie, enjoy every minute of it! Thanks for sharing Mariu, take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Oh Mariu, this is wonderful news!! I am absolutely delighted for you!!


Take a long list of Michaels albums you want to buy and I promise you'll find some of them if not all of them in the USA.


New York?? You lucky lucky lady!! Good on you!!


I'm so excited for you!! Bless you!!


Jennifer X


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