As part of our latest Michael Bolton giveaway, we want to know what YOUR favorite single is on Michael's latest album.
Post your answers below and on July 9th, 2010, one of you will be randomly selected to win a signed 3x3 Michael Bolton poster!

Good luck!

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My favourite song would have to be "hope its too late".
My name is Emily and my email is

Loved your concert in Canberra, Australia!! We had so much fun getting up and dancing.
Need You To Fall is my favorite right now, but also there is Hope It's Too Late, The Best, My Lady, Survivor, Crazy Love and more. Yea, favorite to changre in a heartbeat.
Wow!! Decisions, decisions.....

Well, it has got to be.......Survivor.

This song means so much to me right now and I've been playing it on repeat for a few days!! Ha Ha!!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Michael.

Love Jennifer XXXX
Oh Jennifer,
This is a great one, isn't it?

Murder my heart
Michael it just has to be "You Comfort Me".

You and your music are my little "escape-ism" in life. When things are tough your songs uplift me.

And I have to say the first time I heard this song on the new album it made me cry because it was so beautiful!!!!! The words, the meaning - simply the best!!!

Clare UK
"As long as I've got Michael Bolton I know I can make it"
Invisible tattoo is definetly my favorite:)
It's hard to pick just one favorite.....but, at least for today, it's Just One Love.

Yet again I would have to say that the whole album is fantastic,but if I had to pick a favourite I would say "Murder My Heart".The reason being is the change frm up/down temp within the song.Also I think this has really brought him back into the current market especially with the Lady gaga collaboration.Alot of people out there would'nt be aware of the magnificant collaborations and songs he has wriiten for some amazing artists over the years,from Barbara S,Laura B,to singing the arias with Domongo and Pavarotti to singing with Ray Charles and BB king.....
I now would know alot of teenagers who now know who Michael Bolton is and like him and I would say that's a fairly big acheivment so well done to Michael!!!! Cannot wait to see him play in Dublin!!!!
Also i hope its too late,one of his most upbeat song and I love watching him on stage singing it..........It makes me want to dance!!!
My favorite is My Lady, love it!!!!!
My favorite is Need You To Fall, though I had a difficult time deciding :) Thanks for your continuous dedication to your music, I have been a fan for more than 20 years and have never been disappointed!! See you later this year in Biloxi, Montgomery, Tunica and Atlanta!!



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