As part of our latest Michael Bolton giveaway, we want to know what YOUR favorite single is on Michael's latest album.
Post your answers below and on July 9th, 2010, one of you will be randomly selected to win a signed 3x3 Michael Bolton poster!

Good luck!

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My Fave of all times and I never get tired of hearing it is STEEL BARS the best song ever I love it and you!!
I love all these songs, but now that I've really thought about it, looked back on my life so far, it has to be 'Survivor'. I don't have any regrets, as you should never have any regrets, life is a lesson within itself! We all continue to learn and move on, and eventually we all find a soul mate.
My favorite song is just one love! I love love love it! My name is Lynn, my email is I love you Michael would you ever consider performing on a cruise I know I would be the first to sign up!
mi tema favorito es just one love!!!
This is tough since they all are great but my favorite would have to be Hope It's To Late...
hi my favorite is you dont know me. but from the album it has to be you murder my hart as you have been since the night i first met you in capital radio in 1994 in london were i live. but you still looked cute in the picture i had taken with you at the gmtv studio last yr love you still joxxx
for me is READY FOR YOU because I love reggae music and I'm always ready for Micahel's music!
I love you

Silvy XX
My favourite has got to be Murder my Heart xx
Yeah, Silvy, my favorite one too :)

Silvy XX
My favorite song is Crazy Love. I would love to receive the poster that you are giving away!!


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