As part of our latest Michael Bolton giveaway, we want to know what YOUR favorite single is on Michael's latest album.
Post your answers below and on July 9th, 2010, one of you will be randomly selected to win a signed 3x3 Michael Bolton poster!

Good luck!

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"Murder my heart" is one of my favourites off this album, but the whole album is great.We saw you in Sydney and had a wonderful time. Thanks Michael and crew.
Just one love

I really like all of them though.  Very strong set of songs.
My Favourite Song from the new album is probably Just One Love with Need you to fall coming a very close second. This is another really fun competition but really hard to choose from because to me he whole album is amazing. Thanks again Michael for giving us truely amazing songs. Chelsea .x
Decisions, decisions ..., it's a three way tie ... first was "Sign Your Name", then "Hope It's Too Late" and now, "My Lady" ... if I had a last request of a DJ to play one song on the radio from this CD and it was the last sound I would ever hear, it would now be "My Lady" ... and if I was asked by you to request a song for you to perform in concert, my answer would be the same! So please, sing "My Lady" in concert when you are making the rounds in the U.S.

Safe travels, have fun, Michael ... sending much love, always ...


You Comfort Me è la mia canzone preferita .
è difficile dire un solo titolo tra tutte le bellissime canzoni di michael ma You Comfort Me è quella che riesco a sentire continuamente e ogni volta mi emoziona sempre di più .
ciao a tutti da cristina.
my favorite of all time is you dont know for the album it is onelove its great and michael makes it even more barnett email
The whole album is ace :). Its one of the rare albums that you can put on start to finish and not have a single clunker on it. Its almost like picking a favorite child :) but if I had to pick just one song from the album it would"you comfort me", I'm gonna switch to "ready for you" with "you comfort me as a close runner up and a tie between "what you're doing to me" and "invisible tatoo" for third. Song position is subject to change depending on the day, weather, alignment of the stars, hours of sleep I've had :)....ect. ect. :) Seriously, hard to pick just one from this album. Payten
SO Hard to choose! But either "Hope it's too late" or "Murder my Heart"
Its not that easy to pick out one favorite song because their all really good , but I have to say one of my favorite songs is -- What Your Doin To Me..... love this song & can't get enough of this cd -- Be Proud cause you out did yourself with this cd..........
I love "Hope It's Too Late"
That's a very hard decision. Love them all. Play the CD everyday. I would say "My Lady". Wouldn't everyone love to be Michael's lady!
All the best, Carol


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