I'm talking of course about all of the new never seen before names entering the signed Gems cd competition.


Of course its nice to see new names on here, but I wonder how many have just registered just to enter the competition and how many will actually stay and join in with posting on here? I hope so.


Just curios.



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A lot of people are members here and don't post. There are over 5,000 members on this site and don't post here...they just read.  So they are very welcome to join the contest as well.  Some may have joined to enter but that just brings more support and fans...so shouldn't be a problem.


Oh, no, not problem LOL I was just curious and kind of hopeful that some will stick around and join in with us all.


It's always nice to have new members and new names to chat with.


It's incredible just how many members there actually are on here. Sometimes just for fun, I go through the members list to see where everyone comes from in the world.


I would love new people to chat to, from different parts of the world.


So, come on people, if you;ve just joined, or you've been here for ages just reading, please come and join in with us. Fresh blood and all that!!



YES, I'm curious as well!

Jennifer..the list of lurkers is enormous!!! I enjoy it when a lurker posts once in a while. Just a little reminder that they are "here". And we ALL have friends who are devoted readers of the forum and never post or rarely post. The amount that one posts doesn't correlate to ones admiration and support of Michael :) 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Agree entirely with you Kathy and I believe too using the web site as a medium for entering competitions is a great idea because it will automatically bring in many who have possibly never come onto the site and seen what it contains and hopefully they may either become "new postees" or simply "lurkers" but as long as the message about Michael, what he is doing and what he intends to do is transmitted to as many people as possible then his web site is working as is intended !


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.   

Absolutely whole heartedly agree Kathy. I will be honest and do admit that I feel a bit wary that people only read our posts, but dont join in. To me it feels a bit like voyuerism, but thats just me I guess. Of course its their choice entirely, and I would never slate anyone for that, I would just love the opportunity to get to know them.


I would sincerely love these people to come and join in with us so that we can get to know them because they must know us quite well if they've been reading our posts. Ha Ha!! Oooh gawd, what could they tell about us from our writings?? I dread to think what the'd conclude!! LOL


Besides it would be great to chat with members from other Countries. I'm bored with you lot! Only joking!! Seriously, I want to learn more about Michaels fans from all around the world.


It's great that new names are entering the competition as I believe that a little gentle competition amongst us is good for us and keeps us keen!! Ha Ha! I have entered, but already have loads of signed items including loads of personally signed items too so I will donate mine to the charity reception fund if I win.


You are so right when you say about the amount of post numbers correlating with to the level of Michael admiration. On the last forum, I suspected that there were a couple of people who thought that this was true and I have often pondered if there might be a couple on here too and I find that quite sad. Shame really isnt it?


Whatever happens, Michaels profile is being spread far and wide and that can only be a great thing!! We need the world to know just how talented and how funny and hugely talented he really is. I'm so fed up with people saying 'Michael Bolton? Oh yeah, hes that bloke with the long hair!!'







So true Jennifer that no one better say Michael who??????????? 

Not only are there fans here but how about FB and Twitter?????? OMG...there are loads everywhere..lol  Now FB...there are constant posters and I mean CONSTANT!!!! Every little thing that Michael posts is then reposted a million more times....how many times do we need to see the SAME post. Now THAT is a bit much. At least on this delightful forum we have peoples own words and NEVER reposted!!! LOL I prefer originality myself :) Just my humble opinion. Can you tell I am not a big fan of FB or twitter?????? LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

On the other hand Jennifer.....if people are "creating" email accounts to boost their chances in the drawing....well....let their karma catch up with them!!!! I pity that kind of desperation!!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

You are funny Kathy. You're not a fan of Facebook? Really??? I would never have guessed it? Ha Ha!!


I enjoy FB as a way of catching up with friends, exchanging news and photos for free and sharing links to my private photo albums etc.... but I totally agree with you that some people re-posting every little thing that Michael posts on his FB and whosay page is a bit much!

I do share the odd clip from Michael or the odd piece of news on my FB wall just so that my non-MB friends and family can see what he is upto, but when people only have nothing but Michael clips, videos, links etc on their pages. I find that quite peculiar. Still its a great way of spreading the word of Michael isnt it?  It's upto them I guess, but for me thats not why I enjoy Face Book.


Now Twitter, completely confuses me!! I dont understand the point of it. Posting one line observations such as one I saw a few weeks ago  ' I'm eating a sandwhich on the bus'.  Who cares?? I do have a Twitter accout, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm meant to do with it and rarely post anything. I have just learnt how to follow people, but not exactly sure why I would want to either?

For people like Michael, it must be invaluable and I guess its another great way of boosting his profile. It shows that he's 'hip' and with it and as my Mum says 'down with the kids' Ha Ha!! and also a great way of getting himself spread around to  advertise himself I guess.

The one time where I've know Twitter to be really useful is when Stephen Fry 'tweeted' 'I'm stuck in the lift in my tower block- HELP!' Someone called the fireservice and they got him out!


I dont understand 'Whosay' either. What is that site for? Michael is using that now too and ocassionally a post will pop up thats been generated from there, but it seems to be linked with Facebook?


On a personal note, I dont mind if people have created accounts just to enter the competition, the whole point of my original post was that I'm just hoping they will stay and join in with us all and come and have a chat. I love chatting to and meeting new people from all around the world.


Looks like I'm almost as confused as you Kathy? Ha Ha!!




I think tho sharing what MB posts spreads the word on what he's up to and that's why it has a SHARE button on FB like anything else. Quite a few of us do it all the time, what is the problem???  Spreading the word about him is getting him fans and more attention to his career. I think that's all good. I don't get more what people put up personally sometimes, too much info to me, but that is what they like to do. Twitter I understand somewhat but the hashtag thing is confusing sometimes!!LOL  I did that party last year and won that call but that wasn't easy to do...I was emailing the people running it quite a few times to get it figured out!!LOL


Kathy R. you do fine on FB girl and on here.. Don't sell yourself short. I think tho again anything we put here is public info and if people come to the site to join and enter a contest it's all good in the end..the amount of fans you get from that will increase most likely..so I don't see any problem..


Robin in MD :)

I am enjoying this discussion ladies.....Robin Md and Jennifer and Sylvia :)  I am trying to understand it all. I feel like a "lurker" since I haven't included "my" page info on any of these sites...or my profile...whatever you call them...lol  One day!! Re-posting some of Michael's posts is fine. It just seems like I keep reading the same info over and over again. It is definitely true that what is good for one to do is certainly fine for another to do as well :) I OBVIOUSLY need to acquaint myself with the function buttons and USE them on these sites!!! LOL I guess I should order cheese with my whine...eh???? Well.....it looks like the nearly 5,000 members are entering the contest!!! LOVE it!! All the different names appearing are great. Super PR move I say :) This forum is a jewel representing the best of Michael's fans and our admiration for a very very FINE singer!!! I include the lurkers also :) Do I hear an Amen out there ladies???? LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thanks Gail, you've said exactly what I wanted to reply!

Love, Tessa x


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