I'm talking of course about all of the new never seen before names entering the signed Gems cd competition.


Of course its nice to see new names on here, but I wonder how many have just registered just to enter the competition and how many will actually stay and join in with posting on here? I hope so.


Just curios.



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Michael has opened New doors for himself, to the world:)!  Especially with that video of Jack sparrow:)!  He is such a good sport, when it comes to making Us all

Laugh!!!  And then along comes the release of "Gems"!  It is just Perfect:)! I am addicted to it!   Let's face it we're All addicted to Michael & his Music:)!

Have a "GEM" of a Day!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

That is what I am worried about. I do not like addictions. I thought I am just a normal fan. I need to reevaluate myself . Being a fan is so much fun. But crossing over is takes the fun away. For me at least. I needed to cut off the face book messages from MB. Facebook and MB is drawing me to far in.
I feel the same way and every time some one enters this, I get an e-mail showing their name. It is filling up my e-mail. I am going to try to find out how to stop it.

Hi Sharonrose,


Just go to the bottom of the page and click on "stop following" and the word "following" will come up - that is you released from following the page and you will get no more e-mails concerning it !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Sylvia,       I feel like I am a bit over the top about Michael right now. I hate when I do this. I guess with the face book , seeing him and checking out the other sites. I am spending way to much time thinking about him. It just seems he is so exciting and lovely. Always on an adventure with him. Any ways if I click on the stop following I will stop getting the e-mails ? Just to many right now. Thanks I'll talk to you on Face book  and here. I took off the posting of MB on my face book. I had no control over that. When I want to check in I can go to his face book or visit here.

I have always known fans that lurk here and don't post. Ran into a gal in CT that I've known for a long time that knows what's going on and said she's a lurker. That's totally cool. People have busy lives and just want the information.  I think the contest bringing more fans here to learn about MB and support him is great. Their choice if they want to post or not.  I think it's all good!!!


Just my opinion

Robin in MD:)

I have to admit to being a lurker before I joined yet ANOTHER fan forum for Michael. How many have we been through??? How many gold and platinum and super platinum..lol...cards have we owned????? I was indecisive to join another forum for fear that this one would also disappear. But the posts were all soooo delightful that I started to post and the rest is history!!! 

As far as the contest goes....I did post that there may be some desperate people out there that might "create" email accounts to better their chances at the drawing. But maybe there are "tools in place" to detect that :) I can only pity that kind of desperation!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I guess we have to remember anything that is put on here is on the Web if you do a search you can bring up these posts anyway.  So posting on a forum is nothing private..People want to know about MB and his music, and if you post here, then you are writing on the World Wide Web so to me that makes it all public information.

Robin in MD:)

So true Robin Md...there is NO privacy as soon as you post ANYWHERE. 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

People who enter the competition have got to create an e-mail account, they have to come onto this website so, for me, anyway that new people can be brought here to see what this website contains has got to be good and has to be encouraged !!   I believe it is a great thing too even if you have someone entering because they want a signed copy of a CD but they may not even be MB fans but, hopefully, if they win a copy of the CD they will listen too and then we will have one more fan - mission accomplished !!  :)  Do you see where my thoughts are going Kathy and why too I think this competition has been done in this fashion and it is because admin. are well aware of the number of fans that are e.g. on Facebook and they are trying to encourage them to come onto here and to participate on here and I hope that the ten copies go to complete strangers to us and I hope too they go worldwide !!


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

I absolutely agree . The further out the message goes that Michael is still around, singing and producing amazing music, the better and indeed, mission well and truly acccomplished. More amazingly, perhaps he will be able to tour in more and more Countries around the globe bringing in new fans all the time and if they join us on here and we get to know them, all the better!!


New fans are always welcome here and I'd love more of those from facebook and twitter to come over here and join us and chat to us, thats even better.


That was indeed, really clever of admin to organise the contest in this way. I just hope we get to 'meet' and chat with more of these fans who have registered.


As I say again, this was the whole point of my original post. I wondered where they had come from. I welcome new members, but want them to stay and to feel as though they can post and I want them to join in with us all in the topic threads. I'd love it if the 'lurkers' posted every now and then too.


I dont mind who the ten copies of the CD's go to, if it is one of us, all well and good, but if it it is a new member, as long as the they enjoy and appreciate the music and rush out and buy every one of  Michaels albums!! Ha Ha!! I'm kidding!! Just enjoy it, thats all.



Hya Robin, what is a hashtag call party?  That was on Twitter right? I should try and use it a bit more then perhaps I'll get it? Ha Ha!!


What was the party thing you won? Was it a prize or something? How did that work? Did you have to tweet so many times or something in a short space of time?


Facebook is such a simple thing for me to grasp and I like that......simplicity, I dont have to think about it, yeah, works for me!! Ha Ha!!










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