I'm talking of course about all of the new never seen before names entering the signed Gems cd competition.


Of course its nice to see new names on here, but I wonder how many have just registered just to enter the competition and how many will actually stay and join in with posting on here? I hope so.


Just curios.



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Jennnifer, You should remember I was in a twitterparty room thing online and won a call from MB last spring..You were on here when I shared what happened. You had to use a hashtag thing to do some of it on Twitter and I'd never done it before..I wrote about it at the time, I got kicked out of the room by the server once and got back in during the time they chose the  5 winners, me being one of them to win the phone call/flowers etc..Time flies doesn't it!!!  Fun stuff!!  I am just bringing it up now because of how confusing some things are to me too online, like lingo on Twitter!!LOL

Robin in MD:)

Congrats on that win Robin Md!!!! Super moment for you. Twitter???? Oh my.....I don't think I will ever get there!!! MAYBE...since it is easy....HA.....for you ladies ;)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Oh my goodness, you're right. Of course you;'re right, you were there after all!! Ha Ha!!I remember your win very well, but didnt remember how you had won it.


Now, this Lingo you talk of. I've never heard of that. please dont tell me its another site I'm going to get confused with? Ha Ha!!


Thanks for your reminder Robin.






Hi everyone! I am Marta, a recently member, althoug I am a Michael Bolton ´s  fans from twenty two years ago since Soul Provider when I was 13 years. I come from Seville in the south of Spain. The first I did when I inscribed here was try to find Spanish people to explain how exciting I felt to know so much people love Michael Bolton. English is not easy for every one who love Michael. For my is an effort try to explain so enormous feeling in another language. Perhaps this is a reason or one reason because there are 5000 members but a lot of them without post

. But I am going to try to participate and don´t just read because when I listen Michael Bolton´s voice is like the very first time.

Marta Moreno.

Hola Marta!!!

Thanks for your message and welcome to the official Forum!!!! Maybe you would like to check this link: http://michaelsnews.jimdo.com ,  the site for the official MB newsletter for Spanish speakers fans around the world. We are waiting for you!! =)



WELCOME Marta and thanks for coming into the Forum and sharing your love of Michael with us and please come in often and do so !! :)

Maybe what should have been introduced, if it were at all possible, when this website was set up was the facility that you get with other pages on internet and that  is to be able to access in different languages........as you say there are many fans who do not come on here because of language difficulty !!!   Michael has such a huge worldwide following and it is a pity that we cannot all share our Bolton adventures and experiences together......but who knows; maybe one day  !!  In the meantime I do hope you go onto Pilar's  site and spread the word about her Spanish MB Newsletter for it is good and well worth a visit!!! :)

Welcome again Marta for it is wonderful to hear from you and have you join us !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Marta!!! Another warm welcome sent your way!!! Please join us often and don't be shy about writing because we have several super fans from all over and each one writes with their own accent. Italy, Finland, Sweden....etc. Come here often to get your Michael fix!!! lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob


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