Hello, Hope it's ok to post this question here.  I am really keen to speak to his management company about an opportunity for Michael when he's on tour in the UK in Bournemouth on 24th May 2014. Many thanks.

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Hi Kate and WELCOME to the website and person you would need to contact on your question is Gail Atkinson who his moderator of the website and below I have given you the link into her profile page where you can leave a message on her wall.


Just to say hope Bournemouth stood up well against the latest battering and was horrified when they showed the changes that had happened to Chesil Beach when the other one hit right along your section of coast apart from all the other damage with the landslip.   The carnage in Devon is unbelievable and poor little Dawlish, such a beautiful place, to have been devastated the way it has been is so, so sad !!! :(   We took a bit of a hammering here in Scotland where I stay with the last bad one that travelled right up the west coast and part of our coastal road was torn away and fell onto the shore .  Just to hope everything will have calmed down by May and we can all travel the UK in safety to the concerts.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello Sylvia,

Thank you so much for your response.  I shall contact Gail.

Bournemouth is surviving the storms but it's been pretty wild on the beaches.  I couldn't resist a beach front walk yesterday but it was so so bitterly cold.  Such a shame about Dawlish and other places that are getting severe hammerings. :(

Are you coming to Bournemouth to see Michael?  If you are it coincides with an amazing new Wheels Festival that the Council is launching for the first time. There'll be lots to enjoy and see.

Thanks again.


Hi Kate and glad to hear Bournemouth is surviving and yes I am coming to Bournemouth for Michael's concert.  

It sounds very interesting the "Wheels Festival" and will indeed look forward to seeing that !! :)    I am going to show in Southend and then travelling along to Bournemouth and have accommodation booked for three nights so hopefully during that period I will be able to join in the fun !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Excellent!   Enjoy.

Thanks for your kind welcome to the web site by the way and tips on staying connected and involved. :)



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