Who's Michael latest girlfriend. I heard something about Marla Maples true or false

I was quite surprise to hear about Marla Maples being the latest girlfriend. True or not. Somehow, I just can't see them together, it seems not quite his type when considering his latest Nicollet Sheridan. Oh well to to each his own.

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Hi Myra

Well, Marla is a fotocopy of Nicollet, I mean the same blonde type, noooooooooo, it's not possible to have a new girlfriend like the old one,
Michael basta con le attrici!! you need somebody inside the music business.
silvy from Switzerland
Michael basta con le attrici.......translated "'Michael just with actresses".

I dont think it is any of our business who Michael dates or what profession she is in or if he chooses the same type of looking girl each time.
All that matters is that he is happy and content in his life.

I wish Michael all of the very best of love and luck in his private life relationships.

Love Jennifer XXXX
Michael, basta con le attrici ... translated: "Michael, that's enought of the actresses", it means it's time to find another type of women, it's just my "advice" or "opinion", of course all the matters is that he's happy with his life!

Silvy from CH
I thought that translation was wrong, thats why I questioned it? It just didnt look right in the translation screen?? Ha Ha!!

I wonder if Michael would like to take me out in my purple passion wagon?? Ha Ha Ha!!!

Love Jennifer XX
AHH, ok ,

I thought you were angry with me because of my joking! ciao Silvy XX

p.s. Anyway does he have a new girlfriend? Do you know it?
Angry with you? Oh no definately not Silvy. I'm so sorry that it apeared that way to you.

I was just curious about the way my translation came out. I used a new translation service and I didnt think it had worked properly and now I can clearly see that it didnt!! Ha Ha!!

I dont know whether Michael is dating anybody, its the newspapers and magazine who jump to conclusions just because he is sighted with a woman who is an ex-girlfriend from way back.

I cant say I'm not interested in who Michael dates, and if I see it in a magazine I might read about it, its just that I'd rather not talk about his private life in this manner.

Now, when he starts dating m, I'd like it plastered all over the newspapers, magazines and TV etc... Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XXX
Hei Juliet

yes, that's the Michael's secret! you!

we say: between a blonde and a dark, the red is the winner!

Silvy XX
Well Silvy,
He can always have me if he wants a change!

Ohh yes, this is a good idea, you're dark, aren't you? so we (all fans) can have a cup of tea at Kellie Bolton's!
Silvy from CH
I'd be serving more than tea. But you should know that, what I am serving, all will surley love to have a piece of! LOL

His Girlfriend For Life!

Lets hope he is as happy as he can be...because if one person we all want to be happy than it is "our" Michael himself....
And that he want everything as a secret I can not blame him...can you?

lots of love Jacqueline xxx
Nothing a bottle of hair dye won't do for me. I believe he commented on that once. after seeing me as a redhead!!! LOL But I am naturally a brunette. Then he kept on raggn' on me too the whole night. Next time I see him maybe I'll go black with some red lace...



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