Who's Michael latest girlfriend. I heard something about Marla Maples true or false

It's July 10/2010 is it still true about Michael and Marla Maples being a item.

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hope its not true. as i dont want to share him lol jo
Hi Juliet
where's the golf clip? I missed it!
He's too busy for a relationship! I think!

Glad its not true!! Your right I don't want to share him either!!LOL
Love Eileen xoxo
Hands off ,hes mine ;-)
I have said it before,he prefers blondes .lol
I'm blonde!!!!LOL ( I'd be happy just to meet him!!!!)
He and I are the same age!LOL
He's mine
now now ladies no fighting ,we all know who he is saving him self for and thats me thank you lol ,and janniche honey less of the old ,michael would make a meal of half the younger ones out there ,

Juliet ,she changes her hair colour a lot though .xx
Hey Janniche,
Don't flatter yourself either! The Man could have any Woman he wants anytime he wants!
And he dosn't perfer blondes.

Michael said after those rumours that he was single, so, I guess they were always false. They are just good friends.

But these photos taken yesterday in Milano, Italy, seem to reveal that Michael has a new date...


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