Hi my English speaking friends on here !!


I have just found this (maybe an old) interview and do NOT understand the last sentences after MB has sung "When a man loves a woman":


The lady with the dark hair asked: "Oh, you are really ??????."

He answered: "And for ???????, I am single and it´s official"




Thank you for help !!



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Hi Ivana.


The dark haired lady says "Oh you really out did us." - with his singing.


Michael says " Put the word out, I am single and it's official.


Hope this helps. The video has been out a while, not sure exactly when.

Love Deb xx

Hello Debra, Silvia and Silvie !!!

Thank you very much for your help.

It is so easy for you to understand him...... I wish I would be an English native speaker too :-((((

A happy new year !!!




Sylvia, could it be your are a teacher !!! It was excellent on how you had explained the meaning/sense of his words to me :-)))

Hi Ivana, you're very welcome. Your English is fine  sweetie and it's much better than our German! :D It's okay to need help. BTW, Sylvia is a teacher and she knew that you probably didn't understand the English expressions. If you ever need someone to translate in French, I could help you and if we ever need something translated from German, you can help us so it all works out! :D Take care Ivana. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Merci beaucoup, cherie :-))

Ivana :-))

Ivana, Sie sind willkommener Liebling! Lol  Umarmungen herzlichst, Sylvie von Kanada

Hello Sylvie,
do you know what the word "Liebling" mean? This word means that the person called "Liebling" is very very lovely and always wellcome and loved by everone. Am I really a "Liebling"? :-))) As you can see on my pictures, I have a great sense of humor and I love to laugh !!! And YOU have just made me laugh with your sweet message using this word !!! Thank you so much !!

Best regards from your Liebling :-))

Hi Ivana, I used Bablefish translation and typed in “you are very welcome, darling” and that was the translation I got! I know “lieb” means love and of course you’re a liebling! It’s such a cute word… Glad you enjoyed my message! No I can’t see your pictures, remember liebling, I’m blind? :D But you’ve always been a sweetheart so I think it fits! :D I hope you got the E-mail I’ve sent you a few days ago Ivana. Take good care of yourself liebling and talk to you soon. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Ivana,

First of all happy new year, the first official day here in the USA.

Loved the video by the way, well from what I got right after Michael sang:

the dark haired women said "oh you really out did us", meaning that his singing was better than theirs

the blonde said "thats dreamy" commenting on his singing 

then Michael said "put the word out..." meaning tell everyone.

Don't know if you were looking for the missing words or what they meant, but I hope it helps.

Sylvia-from Texas

Hi Ivana, first of all, happy New Year sweetie! Now Deb and Sylvia answered your question, but in case you'd like to know, since Michael mentionned the next album was a "feel good record", I'd guess this was about "One world one love" and since the interviewers are Americans, I would guess it was done in 2010. So there you go sweetie! By the way, thanks for posting it, I'm not sure I'd heard it before! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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