What's this?

I nearly didn't join my e-mail blocked some of the contents and I thought it might have been a hoax or something!

Was there something on the old forum that said there would be a new format and did I miss it?

Not that it matters this one looks REAL good and once I get use to it I will be fine.

Well now I will have a look around!

All the best



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Robin, I also have found this to be true it appears the picture's are too large and there for need to be resized.
All the best
Love Dianna
When I saw me messages and saw Michael's name I didn't know what to think lol...
But if this means the other forum what I reaaaaaaaly didn't understand and it was to big any way not a real friendly forum lol lol...were we need that much ice for lol..
This one is GREAT...loved it right away and as you can see been on it more than the other one in weeks lol....

I had put this link on the Michael Bolton side here in the Netherlands but somebody told me that you can only become a member is your been infited by a member. Is this true?

lots of love as always Jacqueline
Hi Jacqueline,
Good to see you here.
Yes to my understanding you have to be invited.
All the best
Love Dianna xxx
When I got the e-mail this morning, I thought it was Michael contacting me privately!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Imagine my dissappointment when I found out that you were all here too!!! Only kidding!!!! ;)

We're getting there arent we?

I think that when someone pm's you, it goes to our own personal 'message wall' in our profiles??

Mind you, Di, sent me a pm and I cant find it there ??? Think I might be wrong on this actually. :(

Hmmmm, I need to find out where Di's pm went then?

Love Jennifer XXXX
Hi Everyone,

I totally agree, this is a fantastic site really enjoying having a look around.

Many thanks Gail.

Heidi xx
Love the new site, looks great!

Thank you for the invite, it was a lovely surprise.

Love Deb xx


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