This thread is simple and to the point.  Who do you dream of hearing Michael duet with?  My list includes the following artists:

o Céline Dion
o Shania Twain
o Taylor Dayne
o Dixie Chicks
o Lady GaGa
o Reba McEntire
o Tim McGraw
o Gloria Estefan

If he has recorded a duet with any of the above mentioned artists, I would LOVE to hear it.  :)


"I wanna hear you say it...doesn't get any better than this!"

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Oh Silvy....I love Rick Astley! Him and Michael....oh yeah!!! Love the idea of Bon Jovi too! :)

Here's my wishlist:

- John Mayer
- Paul Carrack
- Paul Weller
- Sam Moore
- Eric Clapton
- Leona Lewis
- Kenny G
- Robert Plant
- Cher
- Michael McDonald
- Shahira
- Chris Cornell
- Eagles
- red hot chilli pepper
- king of leon
- christina aguilera.
- coldplay

There are a little more, but
for now enough.
Take care
yes, Helena, we have lots of good idea in this forum! Bon Jovi whay not! bello!!

ciao e baci
I was in touch with my friend from Italy the other day. She is friends and also the manager of the Italian singer Loredana Berte. I thougth that would be a fun combination Loredana and Michael!! Also my favorite Italian singer Rento Zero (he is also friends with Loredana). If Michael really wants to sing a duet with down to earth and talent artists, those two are for him!! He should consider it!

Ciao and Hugs,
Just thought of two other singers that should sing a duet with Michael. My two guys from Brooklyn: Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond. :)
Hi Helena
OH yes, siii I like Loredana, but I don't like Renato Zero what about Laura Pausini e Giorgia?

what about Skye from Moorcheeba

I prefer Giorgia, I'm not a fan of Pausini. Also Cher would be a good choice and Barbara Streisand.

Just thinking... How about Michael singing to some dance music? Maybe a duet with KC (of the Sunshine Band) or Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb (of the Bee Gees)? Besides Rick Asltey, Bou George, George Michael...among others I mentioned. :)


I personally would like to hear Michael sing with a new talent Leona Lewis

or Mrs. Natalie Cole


Ivana from Prague

I would like to hear MB sing in other languages, I would love to hear him sing in Turkish! He did a tribute to Frank Sinatra with Ferhat Gocer in Istanbul, Ferhat Gocer is my all time fav Turkish singer, maybe a duet in Turkish of a Ferhat Gocer song!!! ...doesn't get any better than this!


Hi there,


I should love him to do another operatic CD - dueting with Russell Watson, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Susan Boyle, Kiri Te Kanawa, Lesley Garrett, Bryn Terfel, Andrea Bocelli and so on, and so on:  My idea of a little bit of heaven!


Sylvia.     Wee Scottish friend.


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