This thread is simple and to the point.  Who do you dream of hearing Michael duet with?  My list includes the following artists:

o Céline Dion
o Shania Twain
o Taylor Dayne
o Dixie Chicks
o Lady GaGa
o Reba McEntire
o Tim McGraw
o Gloria Estefan

If he has recorded a duet with any of the above mentioned artists, I would LOVE to hear it.  :)


"I wanna hear you say it...doesn't get any better than this!"

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I would like to hear Michael singing the country song from Keith Urban called "Tonight I wanna cry". I think Michael has a perfect country voice !!!
A duet? What about with LeAnn Rimes?


I agree with you Ivana! Michael has an amazing voice. Many genres can be sung with it. Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Country, R&B, Opera, Hard Rock and maybe other...
... and Ivana, I would like to hear a duet Michael with Kurt Nilsen
Hi Janniche. I don't know much anout this singer and I don't know his nationality but I definately like his music. He has recorded 4 albums: "A part of me", "I", "Push push" and "Rise to the occasion"
Was thinking about this discussion of who's voice would go well next to Michael's in a duet. So far I thought of 2 people... First is the Italian singer Umberto Tozzi. His voice would match nicely with Michael's...he's a great singer. He wrote the song "Gloria", which was a big hit in Italy and then became a hit here when Laura Bradigan recorded it. The second artist would be Boy George. George just came out with a new CD in Europe and he is still a great of my favorites! Since alot of George's songs is great dance music, I think it would be fun to combine their voices. If I think of anyone else I'll post it.....


PS I read somewhere that Michael recorded a song with Zucchero (another italian singer)...Is that true? He's another singer that I like....seen him twice in concert. I've seen Umberto 3 times over the years...great voice but a lousy personality when he's on stage. That's the only bad thing about him. Zucchero is better on and entertaining.
Hi Helena, to answer your question about Michael singing with Zuckero, they were both part of the CD and DVD special “Pavarotti & friends for the children of Bosnea” in 1995. If I remember correctly, zuckero might have been on the last track of the CD “Nessun dorma” with Michael and my buddy Luciano, so there you go. On the CD, Zuckero does sing a few tracks and Michael also sings “Vesti la giubba” with Pavarotti. Check Amazon, they might still have it. Oh, incidentally, Michael also sings “Can I touch you there” but only on the DVD. Take care Helena. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thanks Sylvie! Hugs,
Great question and I often think of this.

Here's my wishlist in no particular order...

- John Mayer
- Paul Carrack
- Bon Jovi (Band not just JB)
- Brian McKnight
- Prince
- Paul Weller
- Stevie Wonder
- Celine Dion
- Sam Moore
- Eric Clapton
- Leona Lewis
- Kenny G (the magic they create is and always will be amazing - As well as the obvious songs, Who remembers Don't Make Me Wait For Love?)
- Beverley Knight
- Bryan Adams
- Dixie Chicks
- Robert Plant
- Lenny Kravitz
- Michael McDonald
- Seal
- Sharleen Spiteri
- Sheryl Crow

Best, as always,

Hi James, wow, nice choice! I agree with some of your choices and would love to hear Michael with John Mayer and apparently, Michael has reached out to him for a duet, only time will tell. In the same genre, Eric Clapton might be interesting too. For a rock duet, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams are cool choices, for a soul duet, I love your idea of Sam Moore, Brian McKnight, but especially Stevie Wonder! I do enjoy some of your other suggested artists, but not sure how well they’d “gel” for lack of a better word, with Michael. At least, it sounds like you’ll get your wish about Seal and yes, I remember “Don’t make me wait for love”, that was an astounding performance with Kenny G! Thank you so much for posting James, nice to have you on the forum again, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Fantastic list mate. There are a couple there who I'd absolutely LOVE to hear Michael sing with. Bon Jovi would be spectacular. Brian McKnight would be such a soulful and amazing duet. As would a duet with Seal! The one that sticks out for me is Leona Lewis. My God that would be something, I think it'd be the most perfect duet of all time!

Great shout!!

Michael xx
Hey Michael, have you heard about Michael doing a duet with Seal on the David Foster & friends event that was recorded last night? We were told that it will air on PBS in the U.S. in March 2011 and will be out on both CD and DVD, but no date on those yet. James and I both thought it would be a great opportunity for Michael to include Seal on his duets CD too so who knows… Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
my dream (not a duet but a triet)

Michael Bolton, Tony Hadley and Rick Astley singing: "Just a gigolo'"



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