I love you and your music!  It is so soulful and romantic!  Keep up the good work

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Yes, me too! All the best for 'our man'...The Voice!

Hei, ciao Admin
I don't know your name, but I like your photo!
Yes I love M.B. as well, isn't it time for M.B. to write a blog, some words, or some greetings, or make a video or a livestream for this new website?
Silvy XX
That would be wonderful Silvy if MB would write, post or make a video for on here. I'm certainly not comparing, but I am a fan of Bon Jovi on facebook and he makes chat videos to update his fans on what is going on. He (or someone on his team) also post on a regular basis what is going on with him. But the videos are of him personally letting fans know about upcoming events etc.....
Yes, Bev, I know what you mean, I'm in the Tony Hadley's fans club and we haven't got a forum or a good website, but an issue 3 times a year and he writes a note everytime.
Howard Jones has a new live stream and once we (more than 100 fans) were all connected with him. It was fantastic, I felt more near him as a big family.
I don't know if Michael is interested in this kind of comunicable tecnologies.
ciao silvy
My Cousin Jeff is frends with Tony Hadley!! I'd forgotton about that. He sent me some photographs of the pair of them awhile ago. I'll see if I can find them but they may have been packed away from when I had my extension built.

I used to love Spandau Ballet and remember taking my sister to see them a few times. They were great live!

Love Jennifer XXX
Ehi Jennifer, what a fantastic news, I love Tony Hadley! If you find the photos, please send them to me, it would be great!
Last year I was in Dublin for the first Spandau Ballet's concert after their reunion. This was my first time! it was a dream after so many years! and Tony is fantastic! please tell to your cousin to say "Hello" from me (Silvy from Switzerland!!!) to him.


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