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At 4:31am on November 28, 2017, Sally Turner said…

Michael has a milestone birthday coming up in February 2018. I ran an idea past Gail that passed with approval.

I have small cards that are 2.5X3.5. The idea for the card is not to say happy birthday, but you have room to put a few sentences to tell Michael why you love him, his music or how his music helped you in hard times. It’s should be big enough for a wallet size photo if you would like.

Then when he’s home sitting at his desk, he can pull 1 or 2 cards to read when he has the time. Our words will be with him all year.

I request a SASE, and I will send you a card. Write your note and put in your picture. When your finished, mail it back to me.
For those out of the country, I checked with my postmaster and she said you can put your own postage on the return envelope equivalent to $1.15 US.

Email me, Sally, at MYSCRTPSSN@gmail.com and I can give you an address to send your SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).

A second option that isn’t as personal, is to email me a short note and I can cut and paste it onto a card for you. I don’t want to handle pictures this way because I’m not that computer literate and don’t want to make errors with something as personal as a picture.

When all the cards are gathered, I’ll put them in some sort of decorate box. And the box of cards will be Michael’s birthday gift from us.

It might seem early, but it’s something that we can work on Now through January. I’d like to be finished by February since I would need to get a box and mail it off to Michael.

Your welcome to share my email with anyone you think may be interested in contributing to Michael’s milestone 65!

Looking forward to hearing from you,



At 11:33pm on July 15, 2016, sylvia doughty said…

Witam Teresa i dziękuję za odpowiedzi na mój ćwierkać. Położę zdjęcia na stronie. Powiem, że są one od Ciebie i zobaczyłem program w telewizji. Jeśli chcesz przyjść i powiedzieć coś co zrobić, to kliknąć na "Odpowiedz", który pojawi się pod to, co piszę. Można również wprowadzić komentarz w górnej części strony. Znajduje się pole, w którym pojawia się i mówi "komentarz". Cokolwiek chcesz zrobić, proszę. Także jeśli chcesz pisać języku rosyjskim lub polskim proszę zrobić i postaram i tłumaczyć, co Pan powiedział. Postaram i umieścić tę wiadomość tutaj w polskim i rosyjskim, tak może być w stanie zrozumieć, trochę o to, co próbuję powiedzieć.


At 11:32pm on July 15, 2016, sylvia doughty said…

Привет Тереза и благодарю вас за ответы на мои чирикать. Я положу ваши фотографии на странице. Я буду говорить, они от вас и что вы видели программы на телевидении. Если вы хотите, чтобы прийти и сказать что-то что делать, это нажать на «ответить», который вы увидите под то, что я пишу. Вы также можете ввести комментарий в верхней части страницы. Есть окно, которое появляется там и говорит «комментарий». Какой вы хотите делать, пожалуйста. Также если вы хотите написать русском или польском пожалуйста делать и я попробую и перевести, что вы сказали. Я постараюсь и положить это сообщение на русском и польском языках, так что вы можете быть в состоянии понять немного из того, что я пытаюсь сказать.


At 11:29pm on July 15, 2016, sylvia doughty said…

Hi Teresa and thank you for answering my tweet.   I will put your pictures on the page.  I will say they are from you and that you saw the programme on the television.  If you want to come in and say something what to do is click on "reply" which you will see under what I write.   You can also enter a comment at the top of the page.  There is a box which appears there and says "comment".  Whichever you want to do please do.  Also if you want to write in either Russian or Polish please do and I will try and translate what you have said.   I will try and put this message here in both Russian and Polish so you may be able to understand a little of what I am trying to say.  


At 5:15pm on December 21, 2015, sylvia doughty said…

Hi Teresa WELCOME to the website and I do hope you will join us in the forum section we have here which can be found by going to the "Connect" heading on your page and then clicking on "forums" when that appears above and that is where we all come together and discuss everything to do with Michael and below I have given you links into threads, on the forum, where things are pretty active.
Michael has joined Pledge Music to introduce his new studio album to his fans and to allow them the opportunity to tell him what they would love to hear on it. To be able to join in the fun you are asked to pre-order the CD and here is link which takes you into Michael's page and access to a video in which he tells you about his project and explains what to do. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/michaelbolton There are plenty of other goodies on offer so don't miss out on a unique and lovely way to communicate with Michael as well as buying merchandise you may like.
Michael and Christina Kline have started a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account to promote the Detroit Documentary Film, "Gotta Keep Dreamin" which both of them have been involved in over last 3 years. We also have a thread on the forum for this project and here is link http://michaelbolton.com/forum/topics/detroit-documentary-film-gotta-keep-dreamin and in it you will find all necessary addresses for various sites mentioned.
If you have any questions about the website please do not hesitate to ask for we are a friendly bunch here !!! :) I should like to make it clear that I am in no way connected to admin, it is only the moderator of the site, Gail, that holds any admin position.
Please enjoy your look around website and most of all, please consider staying with us and giving Michael all the support he so richly deserves !! :)
Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend.

Below link is into "Jack Sparrow" from The Lonely Island which features Michael and which we want to get to 150 million views for him so please listen to. If, for whatever reason, you do not approve of this song, I apologize in advance for placing on your page.


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