Good Night..

This Morning, I Remembered, Suddenly, July 16, Half A Year.

I,m Sorry, My Love, I Was Very, Very Busy That Day, And The Days Before And After..

That Day Is A Very Important Day In My Family, In Spain, In Latin America, (I Think.), And In The Catholic Church. It,s Del Carmen´s the (Blessed) Virgin Day.

Anyway, As You Have Seen, I Thought Of You, The Days Before, And After..

This Song And Video, Is My Special "Gift" To You. There Are No Empty Words Here. There Are No Lies, Here. I Didn,t Expect This To Happen. It Has Been A Big Surprise To Me.


María Del Carmen Busto.

P.S: Your Photo, from Lake Yahir, Is A Precious One; I Wish I Were There, Holding You...

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