Last nights' show in Birmingham was fabulous!!!

I so much enjoyed the change of songs on this concert - so this show feels new!!! Loved Hallelujah but Steel Bars remains the favourite. Would it be possible for next shows to hear more of you and slight reduce the volume on the drums, guitar. Don't get me wrong, each individual member of your band is extremely talented but on some of the songs I almost could not hear you sing. I know we can't compare this song to you been supported on piano on " How am I suppoose to live wiithout you" - although that is what I would call the ultimate "kiss to the ear".

It was great to see you appear after 3rd break between the audience (I had seen it couple of times before and was looking over my shoulder to see if I could see you appear)- this adds so much value to the people "you being/ wanting to be close to your fans" please keep on doing that.

Keep on doing what you are doing; stay the amazing person that you are, write the amazing lyrics, compose the beautiful music and sing full compassion these songs and I will be forever addicted :-)



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