A Beautiful Song sung by a beautiful Soul

Every time I hear this song, it just gives me goose bumps.  And the reason why I say this is because Michael sings this beautifully(if that is a word). You can hear the passion in his voice and you know that it is coming from his soul.  It seems like the music takes over  and he lets his natural talent shines.  You do not have that many artist today doing this.  In watching the many interviews and the many videos as well as listening to the beautiful songs that Michael has sung, I can say this( And this is my personal belief) the Powers That Be  Place Michael at a certain place in music history for a purpose. He stated many of times that it took him 18 years to make a hit record. Maybe it was not his time in the entire scheme of things. Everything was being put in place for him to be a very powerful instrument in the music industry.  With all of his experience in life he was able to transform this into songs in which touch millions of people and each of the songs that was done by him was some how able to help many people in different situations and difficult times through their lives. That is why I said that there was a specific time in the fabric of life that he was lead to.  The time that Michael came on the scene in the R&B Genre was the time for him. In many of his appearance when he first started out in Pop/R&B/Soul  it seemed like he was not sure and was very guarded(as I believe that he has stated in one of his interviews). But the world was sure about him that is why he was welcome with opened arms.  I would like to say again that Michael was but here for a purpose and there were many bumps in the road for the journey that he had to take in life, but I think that those bumps made him stronger.


So I would like to say to Michael, you are blessed to be given this task and the talent. Do not let anyone say otherwise. Not many people has had the successful career like yours in any profession or walks of life. MAY GOD BLESS MICHAEL IN ALL OF HIS ENDEAVORS.


Michael with a choir like this is like heavenly



Here is the song:



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Comment by sylvie boisvert on September 29, 2014 at 4:18pm

Hi Sandra, I don't usually or very seldom read fans' blogs, but I came across yours today. I just wanted to say that you've expressed yourself beautifully and I love the song "Drift away" too. :D Thank you for sharing, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

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