That away baby---open that mouth and SING !!!  If Bella gets the chance you girls will be contenders for American Idol  2028.  i had no idea i could send Astix oops astro messages that far from California to New Jersey.-------Finally got over cookin' for this herd of missfits  for Christmas---Started Wednesday before, finished

christmas day----develed eggs, pasta salad, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, Jumbo shrimp, rolled pork roast, ranch dip, -oh well-i forgot the rest, 'cept but Jim , my second daughter Sandy's, brought the steamed broccolli, lemon dressed.  Besides the family Mr. Jim Beam, Mr. Danials, Mr. Gordan, Mr. Millar and Sandy and Jim's Patron of  good old uncle Bud were in attendance.-----Peas on earth everyone, which we also had, and a good well for mankind.

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