Beware of Romance Scam on Michael's Facebook Page

I hate to be bring you this news. There are many women visiting Michael's Facebook page and leaving comments.  Rightly so, he is a wonderful man with beautiful romantic love songs and has many many fans.  However shortly after I commented on a posting last September I was contacted by a man called Antonio Cesar who also has a facebook page but keeps his friends private.  He is eloquent in speech, so attentive, so loving and sweet. Has wonderful romantic poems for you and will sweep you off your feet.  Please don't trust him......shut him down immediately.  He has amazing detailed stories for you on how he is in a situation and needs help from his lovely lady who he can't live without. Yes, money help.   So far I have found and talked to 2 other ladies that this has happened too and our stories are the same. They are also Michael's fans. I have sent a message to Michael's admin department with hopes that they can post a warning on Michael's page.  I will also be posting a comment of warning on each new post in capital letters in hopes people will see it.  Please respond to this blog if you have experienced the same thing and help me stop this predator.   Thank you so much,  Cheryl

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Comment by Veronica ODwyer on December 8, 2015 at 4:45pm

Hi, l was also contacted by him. But happily married and aware of scammers on the net. So wrote something rude and blocked him. I also tried to unsubscribe from the site. But cannot find a way to do that. If anyone including the admin team could tell me were it is, or set one upI have since received at least 10 scammers emailing me all from this website. Some of them with womens names. Like Melissa Baby. Block them all. I will be sending mine to the police department dealing with online fraud in the UK.

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