In Feb of 2012 this precious little baby girl was murdered at the age of 3, because of child abuse.  Her name is Trinity.  Trinity lived next door to me for almost 6 months prior to her moving 5 blocks away where the abuse began.  She was murdered by the hands of her mothers astranged boy friend.  Both are now in jail standing trail for this babies death.

Trinity was my 4 year old grand daughters bestest friend.  How does one explain something like this to her as to why her best friend is no longer here?

This is my reason for creating Pretty s Designs and creating the pen for Child Abuse Awareness.

Pray for our children....


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Comment by Janice G Presson on August 23, 2012 at 5:42pm

How does one explain to this child, my grand daughter, that her bestest friend isn't ever going to play with her ever again?  Please join our CAA group, Child Abuse Awareness.  Make it a point to be aware and wise to child abuse.... 

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