Tomato bushes into second season--Made it through the sometimes 45 degree nights and still bearing--picked 'em green--brought 'em into the kitchen--some turned red in 'couple weeks--some took a month--grew new branches this Spring and they are bearing heavily--Who would of thunk?--On to the Blues again--"You Agitate Me Baby"---You agitate me baby/You agitate me/ Just Like my Aunt Minnie's ol' washer/ You got me goin' left to right/You agitate me baby//You got me sooo uptight/--Merrily i (I) was rollin' along/ Everything in my life hummin' smooth/ Just like a concentratin' little honey bee's song/ Yeah i(I) was stickin' to my business/ Just like i(I) should/ Then here you come / Straight out of nowhere/ Straight out of the flower brushed wood/ Stung me baby--Stung me Hard/ Yeah i(I) took a shot right to the heart/ Now I'm itchin' night and day/ To get you to fly back my way-- and stay--/One minute you buzzin' around me, keepin' me company/ Next minute you're gone out of sight/ "Cause i (I) didn't  do somethin' (you like) right/ You agitate me baby/ You agitate me/ Just like the clothes in my Aunt Minnie's ol' washer/ You got me shakin' my head from left to right/ Got me wringin' my hands/ All through the night/ Don' know what to do nex'/ You ain't given me no res'/ You agitate me baby/--You jus' PLAIIINNN agiTATE me-----Circle c all rights reserved -- Words by Claire B. Munson whose pseudonym is Astri* 2/27/2012---***  **  Blues--Bobby Bland--B.B.King Albert King Larry Davis Albert Collins  Robert Cray  it?

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