Me and my friend enjoyed the concert in Düsseldorf a lot, though we were a little irritated of the few people (just approx. a thousand) visiting the show. Michael Bolton really deserved more!

As after the first songs still the people stuck in their seats, though everybody enjoyed MBs performance, I said to my friend to stand up, stay behind the last row which was empty and to enjoy the concert there while dancing. This was an extremely good decision. She was a little concerned, but I told her that nobody would neither see nor hear us when dancing and singing, as everybody watched to the stage and as it was dark in the back, not even the band would see us. So we danced and sang for two hours and, as it was my birthday party, we had a great party time. Just the poor man who worked I guess for sound and light was a little strange looking, watching from time to time 2 "old women" dancing and singing like the 20year old :)) And after a while, thanks of MBs routine when he was talking with the audience and walking through the rows, also the audience stood up.

So thank you for a really private concert which was great, wonderful band (!), noone would have thought that you have been on tour for such a long time already and a "grand bisous" to the "man at the computer" who was tolerating us partying while he was working.

As normally our ways in life will never cross again, wishing you all the best!

A merry X-mas and a happy and healthy 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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