I started an agency in a rural town 60 miles north of Pittsburgh PA a few years ago to ensure that my daughter with disabilities would be well-served.  In the process of starting my business, a long time acquaintance asked me to add her son to my clientelle.  Since that time back in June 2010, my client and friend, who experiences Down's Syndrome has lost all of his close family.  Sister in 2011 - heart, Mother in 2012 - cancer, and Father in 2013 (only a month ago).  Dan is an amazing 34 year old man, who has a one-of-a-kind personality.  He wins the hearts of all who work with him in a very short time due to his winsome personality.  Dan came to our agency 3 years ago only 5' tall and weighing in at 300 pounds,  Due to a great staff and his cooperation, he now weighs 140 and has a completely different life.  Oh, and did I mention he is a Michael Bolton fan?  (Along with all of our staff and clients as we have watched videos and concerts continually for the past 3 year - lol).  This young man would watch Michael's videos and listen to his CD's 24/7 if we would let him.  Dan is non-verbal, but when he watches a Michael Bolton video, he sings with his soul.  As Michael crescendos in his song, so does Dan - with all the emotion anyone could bring - not a sound comes out of his mouth, but it doesn't have to - his facial expressions and arm, hand, and body movements express it all.  Dan has been through so much and is now shutting down - he doesn't want to play basketball anymore, or any of his activities.  It breaks my heart to watch Dan regress when he has come so far during the past three years.  I have watched Michael's behind the scenes philanthropy - so I know he has a heart of gold for those in need.  If there is any way that while on tour, or just during down time, that Michael would consider some sort of charitable event for our quickly growing agency and for most of all, meeting Dan the Man in person - it would bring joy of a lifetime to a young man that has lost a lot of his joy.  I'm not sure what type of event would be considered, but certainly something with music would be incredible.  I have looked at the tour schedule and there is nothing in the immediate future scheduled for the Pittsburgh Area, but how appreciative we all would be if Dan could meet Michael - while bringing a fund raiser to our little agency to purchase much needed supplies and improve our humble building.  I have wanted to contact Michael or at least the managing entity for the past couple of years - even since I saw how much Dan love Michael.  I have finally made an effort - if there is anything that could be done - we would be so very grateful - Thank you - A Mom and friend of those with disabilities....

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