I wonder if Michael Bolton knows Daniel Barenboim personnally. Just thought this would be very "enriched" for him as he often is posting about great people he met. I think that Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra would be people to meet. He has just been in Germany with this special orchestra to receive the 31st of october 2010 the Westphalian Peace Price . It is given every 2 years to young people who set an example of balance and reconcilation.

This Orchestra is very special as its members come from Israel, arabian states and spain and is really a proof of the power of music to reunion people.

Just to listen to one of their concerts is an enrichment to ones live - they will come to Sacramento next week:)

And as Daniel Barenboim is also conducting at the Scala, perhaps Michael Boltons dream could become true to perform there.

Wouldn'T it be nice to make a "warm-up" concert with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and Daniel Barenboim at the Scala, then coming to Germany e.g. to Dresden and perform there at the Frauenkirche - a monument for peace? Just let me know, when this will come true, to have the chance to buy a ticket and to be in the audience :)

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