To: Michael Bolton,

     Hello, from Regina Kiriakos confirming my e-mail address. ReginaKiriakos777@Yahoo.Com, I got married and my husband's name is Ray Lee Showalter Jr. You can indeed visit us on Facebook under either one of our names. He actually resembles you!!, and sort of sings like you too. We enjoy all of your messages that you display to your fans. Thankyou for being so friendly!!! I have wanted to send a photo for months, but have been unable to! We will try to in the near future!? Brand new girlfriend?? Good luck!! You deserve it! I hope she is real good to you. You can look me up again at The Jimmy Swaggert telecast from 1987 to 1995 in the Family Worship Center choir from Baton Rouge,La! I had dark hair and a charming smile. My ex-husband was in the choir with me. I need to go now. God bless you!!!

                                                                                                                                        Regina Kiriakos Showalter

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