As I was very busy with a charity project from late August untill now, I did not visit this page and so did not read before any of the "MB visit to the dancing dept." This was really astonishing as shows like this in my country attract a certain audience, but after the first show, the so called stars change to those of second row like the divorced wife of our ex-chancelor, wracked third-class soap-opera "stars", body-renewed ex-wives and ex-husbands of actors etc. They appear in shows like "dancing with the stars", "Dinner with prominent persons", "jungle camp" etc. I very much hope that the DWTS in the US has a much better image than in Germany. At least you had a great time and met obviousely in Chelsea a very nice person. I think for the next time you are looking for a good PR event to be promoted it should more be related of what you really personify to most of the people. So you do so much charity in the US - which is not just giving money to several organisations - but attract others to do something good and be interested to special charity projects. I think this kind of promotion is more believable than be judged by a second - class good face/bad face jury. And further you feel much better when finishing such a project - so at least I do now, looking in the happy sparkeling eyes of more than 140 children with and without handicapand their touched audience.

I also hope that Mr. Boltons voice has recovered as we are looking forward to see and especially hear him in Düsseldorf!

So, the Bolton-Team stay healthy and have fun on your tour,

Best regards


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